Daniel Ferguson

Daniel Ferguson

Postdoctoral Professional
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MS in Industrial Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.
MBA in Financial Accounting from Stanford University
BA in pre-engineering [mechanical/industrial] in a BA/BS program from the University of Notre Dame.

Research Interests

Creativity and innovation skill development in engineering education
Mindset changes in engineering freshmen through entrepreneurial interventions
Inter-rater consistency in student scholarship and entrepreneurial competitions
Professional skill development in interdisciplinary teamwork curriculum
Entrepreneurial internship affects on student attitudes and self efficacy
Assessment of achievement of learning objectives

Awards, Honors, Achievements, & Memberships

  • Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ohio Northern University
  • Senior Lecturer in Inter-professional Studies and Associate Director for Research and Operations of the Inter-professional Studies Program at Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Assistant Professor and Instructor of Electronic Commerce, Dominican University School of Business and Illinois Institute of Technology [IIT] Stuart Graduate School of Business, respectively
  • Founder and CEO of The EDI Group Ltd. and The EDI Group Canada Ltd.
  • Publisher of the Journal of Electronic Commerce
  • Vice President and manager of the Cash Management Consulting Group, JP Morgan Chase [First Chicago]
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Business, University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • Instructor of Business, National Teaching Fellowship, Texas Southern University
  • Twice winner of the Bank Administration Institute??s Robert R. Fentress award for the best paper in cash management with co-authors Dr. Ned C. Hill and Dr Steven F. Maier
  • CO-PI on two NSF CCLI2 grants at IIT for the development of an EPICS Program and best practice research in teamwork and ethical awareness curriculum innovations
  • CO-Recipient of Provost??s joint equipment grant for Geography and Entrepreneurship at Ohio Northern University
  • CO-Recipient of a grant for a symposium on The Use of the Computer in Art, University of Minnesota
  • American Society for Engineering Education [ASEE]
  • National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Alliance [NCIIA]
  • United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship [USASBE]