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Purdue Engineering's Strategic Growth Initiative and Faculty Hiring in the School of Engineering Education

This semester, Purdue's College of Engineering announced its new Strategic Growth Initiative, which will add up to 107 faculty members over the next five years--a 30 percent increase. At least three of those new openings will be for assistant or associate professors in the School of Engineering Education.

The news follows ENE's announcement this year of the Crowley Family Professorship in Engineering Education and, last year, of the Dale and Suzi Gallather Professorship in Engineering Education. With five faculty positions open across the spectrum of junior to senior faculty, ENE has the opportunity to reinforce and expand its academic and research strengths in the growing engineering education discipline.

Prospective applicants may contact Dr. David Radcliffe, Kamyar Haghighi Head of the School of Engineering Education, for more information.