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ENE Memo: September 30, 2013

From the Head: 9/30

Change is the only constant. It seems to be the new normal.

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that Lisa Tally has accepted the position of Executive Manager of Philanthropic Communications and Donor Relations in the University Development Office, effective November 18. This is a very exciting opportunity for Lisa to take on new challenges and to contribute to Purdue's mission on a much larger stage; it is recognition of her talents. Lisa has been the energy and ideas behind all the exciting and innovative publicity we have done over recent years - the ENE Research Report, the Gold Brochure, the Interdisciplinary Colloquium and the Outstanding Alum Awards, the revamped web page, the ASEE booth, preparations for the 10th anniversary of ENE, FYE newsletter, the art work in the ARMS 1300 corridor and much more. Her contributions were recognized in 2012 when she won the College Staff Service Award. She has also contributed to various College level communications initiatives. Lisa is currently on a road trip to Minnesota with Becky to interview Bill LeBold as part of the 10 year celebrations. 

Lisa says "The six years I've spent as ENE's communications director have been a wonderful experience, professionally and personally, and I'll miss you all. I do hope to spread the word about ENE in my new position, at every opportunity. Thanks to all of you for your collegiality and friendship".

ENE seems to have the knack of spotting talented staff who we hire and challenge and grow. We benefit greatly from having them amongst us and from their direct contributions. But we recognize that inevitably these folks are likely to move on to more senior positions in Purdue or beyond. We should all feel pride in being a place that nurtures talented staff who will go on to make an even larger impact after ENE. They remain our ENE colleagues at large.   

We will miss you Lisa; it will not be the same around here. You have left very big shoes to fill. 

We wish you all the very, very best in your new role; the next exciting chapter in your journey. 


Calendar: 9/30

Fall 2013

  • Sept 30: TULIP - Design, ARMS 3001, 1:30-3pm
  • Oct 2: Faculty Meeting, ARMS 1021 9:30-10:20am
  • Oct 2: Associate Professors meet with Head, ARMS 1314, 10:30-11:20am
  • Oct 2: Farewell for Johannes Strobel, ARMS 1300, 11-12noon (New)
  • Oct 7-8: Fall Break
  • Oct 14: TULIP - Student Teams (and dealing with dysfunctionality), ARMS 3001, 1:30-3pm
  • Oct 16: Faculty Conversation on Mentoring, ARMS B098 Innovation Studio, 9:30-11:30am (New)
  • Oct 18: Staff Meeting, 8:30-9:20am
  • Oct 20-22: ABET Site Visit
  • Oct 21-25: Green Week at Purdue (Think! No Impact)
  • Oct 28: TULIP - Cultural Diversity in the Classroom (FYE advisor Pouneh Eftekhari, who specializes in international students, will be joining us), ARMS 3001, 1:30-3pm
  • Oct 30:  Faculty Meeting, ARMS 1021 9:30-10:20am
  • Nov 8: Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council (E2IAC) 
  • Nov 9: ENE Friends at the Football
  • Nov 13: Faculty Discussion: FYE Research, ARMS BO98B Innovation Studio 9:30-12:30 
  • Nov 14: Interdisciplinary Engineering Colloquium Celebrating 50 Years of Interdisciplinary Scholarship in Engineering Education at Purdue
  • Nov 18: TULIP - Problem Solving, ARMS 3001, 1:30-3pm
  • Nov 20: Advisor-PhD Student matching, ARMS BO98B Innovation Studio 9:30-12:30 
  • Nov 28-29: Thanksgiving
  • Dec 2: TULIP - Messaging FYE Outside FYE, ARMS 3001, 1:30-3pm
  • Dec 4: Faculty Meeting, ARMS 1021 9:30-10:20am

Spring 2014

  • Feb 19: ENE Outstanding Alumni Awards Celebrating 45 Years of  Interdisciplinary Engineering Education
  • April 9: ENE Turns 10: Celebrating a Decade of ENE / Open House and Research Exhibition

Summer 2014

  • June 12-13: SAVE THE DATE. Purdue, Engineering Education Futures: Hearing Global Perspectives   
  • June 14: ENE Alums & Friends Reception, Indianapolis Interdisciplinary Engineering Education
  • June 15-18: ASEE Conference, Indianapolis Engineering Education Futures

Kudos: 9/30 Karl Smith on his selection for an honorary doctorate by the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Karl will receive this honor on October 26.

News and Information: 9/30

Lisa Tally to Take New Position with University Development Office

Lisa Tally has accepted the position of Executive Manager of Philanthropic Communications and Donor Relations in the University Development Office, effective November 18. See From the Head for more.

Funding Opportunities: 9/30

Selected Funding Opportunities

NSF/USDA-NIFA Decadel and Regional Climate Prediction using Earth System Models (EaSM) The EaSM funding opportunity enables interagency cooperation on one of the most pressing problems of the millennium: climate change and how it is likely to affect our world. This interdisciplinary scientific challenge calls for the development and application of next-generation Earth System Models that include coupled and interactive representations of such components as ocean and atmospheric currents, agricultural working lands and forests, biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, the water cycle and land ice. Deadline: December 23

NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Toward a Research Coordination Network (RCN) Addressing Experimental and Evaluation Methods and Techniques for Cybersecurity NSF expects to support at least one Research Coordination Network under the SaTC umbrella. RCN is a funding mechanism for advancing a field by supporting groups of investigators to communicate their activities across disciplinary boundaries. PIs are encouraged to refer to the RCN solicitation for detailed instructions and review criteria.

NSF Physics at the Information Frontier (PIF) This program includes support for data-enabled science, community research networks, and new computational infrastructure, as well as for next-generation computing. It focuses on cyber-infrastructure for the disciplines supported by the Physics Division while encouraging broader impacts on other disciplines. Deadline: November 29

NIH Pre-Application: Opportunities for Collaborative Research at the NIH Clinical Center (X02) The goal of this program is to support collaborative translational research projects aligned with NIH efforts to enhance the translation of basic biological discoveries into clinical applications that improve health. Specifically, the program seeks to broaden and strengthen translational research collaborations between basic and clinical researchers both within and outside NIH to accelerate and enhance translational science. Deadline: November 20

NIH Development of a Knowledge Management Center for Illuminating the Druggable Genome (U54) Applications for the Knowledge Management Center (KMC) under this FOA must be focused on expanding the knowledge about four major families of the Druggable Genome: G-protein-coupled receptors; nuclear receptors; ion channels; and kinases. The proposed KMC must be organized around two functional units: a Data Organizing Core and a User Interface Portal. Deadline: December 11

DOD-NPS BAA for the Multi-INT Research Initiatives at the Naval Postgraduate School The Naval Postgraduate School is interested in receiving proposals for research initiatives that offer potential for advancement and improvement in the following multi-intelligence (Multi-INT) research topic areas: Inferencing and Reasoning; Orchestrated Resource Management; and Visualization. Deadline: October 18

NASA Astrobiology Institute The mission of this Institute is to advance the field of astrobiology by: carrying out, supporting, and catalyzing collaborative interdisciplinary research in astrobiology; training the next generation of astrobiology researchers; providing scientific and technical leadership on astrobiology investigations for current and future space missions; exploring new approaches using modern information technology to conduct interdisciplinary and collaborative research among widely-distributed investigators; and supporting outreach by providing scientific content for K-12 education programs, teaching undergraduate classes, and communicating directly with the public. Step-1 proposal due November 4; Invited Step-2 proposals due January 31

ED-Wireless RERC Assistive and Accessible Mobile Applications This program seeks to enhance the use and usability of wireless technologies for people of all ages and abilities. The Wireless RERC invites experienced organizations or individual developers based in the U.S. to submit proposals for financial support to develop assistive and/or accessibility apps for mobile platforms. Deadline: October 8

DOI-NPS Preservation Technology and Training Grants This grants program provides funding for innovative research that develops new technologies or adapts existing technologies to preserve cultural resources. NCPTT requests innovative proposals that advance the application of science and technology to historic preservation in the following areas: Climate Change Impacts, Disaster Planning and Response, or 3D Documentation and Visualization. Deadline: November 19

Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance 2014 RFPs (see attached) The mission of ICMC and ISA research programs are to use Indiana corn checkoff and SPARC funds to sponsor, support and encourage research that will give the highest possible return to Indiana corn and soybean farmers. ICMC and ISA’s production research strategic plan is to identify and fund corn- and soybean-focused projects that directly improve yield and management of inputs. Deadline: November 22

USDA-North Central SARE Youth Education Grant Program The program supports opportunities for youth educators to research, demonstrate, and learn more about sustainable agriculture. Youth Educator Grants are competitive grants for educators to provide programming on sustainable agriculture for youth. Deadline: November 1

Gladys Kreible Delmas Foundation Humanities Program Programs in the following areas are eligible: history; archaeology; literature; languages, both classical and modern; philosophy; ethics; comparative religion; the history, criticism, and theory of the arts; and those aspects of the social sciences which share the content and methods of humanistic disciplines. The Foundation welcomes projects that cross the boundaries between humanistic disciplines and explore the connection between the humanities and other areas of scholarship. Letters of interest are accepted on an ongoing basis.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grants The foundation intentionally places vulnerable children and their families at the center of everything they fund. They want the programs that they support to address the comprehensive needs of children, their families and communities. The website provides information regarding programs for educated kids, healthy kids, secure families, racial equity, and civic engagement. Applications accepted on an ongoing basis.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation The Foundation is interested in projects that it expects will result in a strong benefit to society, and for which funding from other sources is not widely available. The following initiatives are among those funded: Encyclopedia of Life; Public Understanding of Science and Technology; STEM Higher Education; Education and Careers in Science and Technology; Working Longer; Digital Information Technology; and Economic Institutions, Behavior and Performance. The Foundation accepts Letters of Intent on an ongoing basis.

Limited Submissions:

Letters of intent, preproposals, and rankings to the OVPR should be e-mailed to Purdue's open limited submission competitions, limited submission policy, and template for letters of intent may be found at For any case in which the number of internal letters of intent received is no more than the number of proposals allowed by the sponsor, the OVPR will notify the PI that an internal preproposal will be unnecessary.

Funding Resources:

The OVPR website includes a link entitled Funding Resources. This link includes sections containing Internal and External Funding Resources. Additionally, there is a link for Search Tools and Alerts. Those who would like assistance in setting up their Pivot E-mail funding alerts may want to take advantage of our tutorial, which may be found on the Search Tools and Alerts link.

Another resource for corporate and foundation funding opportunities is the University Development Office. UDO lists funding opportunities here.


OVPR WORKSHOP: Write Winning Grants Workshop Presented by Dr. David Morrison of Grant Writers’ Seminars and Workshops, LLC. To be held November 15, Stewart Center, Room 302; 8:30AM – 4:30PM. Again this academic year, Purdue is pleased to host the highly acclaimed grant writing program facilitated by Dr. David Morrison. This workshop addresses both practical and conceptual aspects important to the proposal writing process. This full-day (Phase I) workshop is designed for faculty and administrators who have had some exposure to writing grant applications. Emphasis is given to such things as idea development, identification of the most appropriate granting agency, how to write for reviewers, and tips and strategies that are of proven value in presenting an applicant’s case to reviewers. The workshop provides intensive grant writing training interspersed with specific details by agency. Registration closes Friday, November 1 or once workshop is full. There is no cost to participants for this workshop; however, the participant’s college will be responsible for the cost of the workbook so those registered are expected to attend. A buffet-style lunch will be provided. Contact Sue Grimes ( or Mary Ryker ( if you have any questions.

NIH Notice of Intent to Reissue the FOA: “Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Institutional Research Training Grants (Parent T32)”

DOE Request for Information: EERE Commercialization The purpose of this RFI is to solicit feedback from stakeholders to assist in further defining the scope and priorities of EERE’s commercialization and entrepreneurship activities. Deadline: October 20

As always, we appreciate your sharing this information with your faculty. Please contact Sue Grimes (, Kristyn Jewell (, or Perry Kirkham ( with any questions.

To suggest content for future issues of ENE Memo, contact David Radcliffe or Lisa Tally by midday Friday for the following week's issue.