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ENE Memo: September 14, 2015

From the Head: 9/14

ENE Research Grant Success

It is exciting to see the announcement of a various new research grants awarded to ENE faculty and their collaborators, last week, this week and hopefully more in coming weeks. The success of faculty in obtaining external funding for new discovery is what makes our research enterprise and indeed the graduate program sustainable.

The variety in the grants speaks to the eclectic nature of our research. It spans early childhood education, pre-college engineering, where young people encounter and discover engineering, through to the influence of high school on those who choose to study engineering and aspects of undergraduate engineering where students learn to engineer. We also have research underway on practice of engineering and the career pathways of engineers. We span the entire engineering lifecycle.

The different grants consider issues of diversity and inclusion, the role of formal and informal learning environments and learning pathways of students. Some are brand new areas of investigation, while others are extensions of previous work. The projects are based on a range of collaborations with colleagues in Purdue, across the state and across the country. It is especially pleasing to see the development of collaborations with colleagues in our sister engineering schools at Purdue, as this is one of our strategic targets for this year.

Some of the grants have large budgets with multiple principle investigators (PIs), while others are single PI with a correspondingly more modest budget. In an achievement focused culture, there is a tendency to want to place more emphasis on the multimillion dollar grants. Bragging rights are good. However the truth is that size only matters in so far as ensuring that the quantum of resources is adequate to successfully undertake the research. If a relatively modest budget gets the work done then that is just fine.

Growing the ENE research enterprise is vital for the future of our school. Per our strategic targets, we also need to diversify our funding sources. While all the recent grants are from a single agency, the National Science Foundation, the grants come from a variety of divisions within NSF.

Congratulations to all involved and to others whose grants will be announced in coming weeks. This success is built upon an enormous amount of thought, time and effort, followed by an anxious waiting period.  


Kudos: 9/14 Matilde Sanchez Pena for being awarded the 2015 SURF Graduate Mentor award. On behalf of her advisor Joyce Main, Congratulations! Monica Cardella, Sean Brophy, Tamara Moore, Senay Purzer and Morgan Hynes on being awarded a $2,044,930 grant from the NSF (DLR) titled Integrated STEM and Computing Learning in Formal and Informal Settings for Kindergarten to Grade 2  Congratulations! Joyce Main on being awarded a $181,161 grant from NSF (EEC) titled Collaborative Research: Understanding the Role of High Schools in Diversifying and Promoting Undergraduate Engineering Degree Attainment. Congratulations! Jennifer DeBoer, Ed Berger and Jeff Rhoads (ME) on receiving a grant for $1,400,000 from the NSF (DUE) titled Understanding and Supporting Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student and Faculty Engagement with an Active, Blended and Collaborative (ABC) Learning Environment. Congratulations!

... to Matt Ohland, Susan Lord, Russell Long, Marissa Orr and Catherine Brawer on being awarded a $4,010,978 grant from NSF (EEC) titled Expanding Access to and Participation in the Multiple Institution Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development. Congratulations! 


News and Information: 9/14

SAFETY Matters

Minutes available from Safety Committee

If you have any other safety questions or concerns, contact Patrick La Petina or another member of the ENE Safety Committee

Proposing New P&T Criteria at University Senate Meeting Today

The Univeristy Senate meets today at 2:30 PM in STEW 302. See below for links to the agenda and supporting documents:

  • Agenda (PDF)
  • Faculty Affairs Committee's (FAC) Endorsement of the Amended Promotion and Tenure (PDF)

  • FAC's Proposed Amendment to the Current Promotion and Tenure (PDF)

If anyone has comments that you want to address on behalf of ENE, please e-mail Monica Cox at prior to the meeting. 

Reportable Outside Activities (Reminder)

Faculty and staff are reminded to disclose their Reportable Outside Activities for the 2015-16 fiscal year through the online reporting system. The online system is located on the Employee Portal or at

All exempt faculty and staff whether part-time or full-time are required to submit a form before they engage in any Reportable Outside Activities. At the beginning of each fiscal year, employees also must report all activities in which they continue to participate, even if previous approval was granted. If an individual completed a form for activities in the 2014-15 fiscal year, that information will prepopulate the 2015-16 disclosure form and may be revised as necessary.

Faculty and staff report outside activities in accordance with the Conflicts of Commitment and Reportable Outside Activities (III.B.1) policy, which is available at

To assist faculty and staff in determining what needs to be reported, the Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance provides a list of frequently asked questions at  

Parking in Garages on Game Days Update

Purdue announced last week that the Northwestern Avenue and University Street garages will be open for public parking during home football games this season for $10 per game. The university will work with employees to accommodate special circumstances, said Holly Alexander, Purdue Parking Facilities manager.

"We know we have employees who work on Saturdays or instances in which an employee has to be here on a given Saturday to fulfill some work-related role for their department. There also are occasions in which a department is having guests on campus for a special event. In these situations, we ask you to let us know as these occasions arise," Alexander said.

Anyone requesting special permission should call the Parking Services office at 765-494-9497 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at least a day or two before the game or email Alexander at Parking services is open Monday through Friday.

Contact: Holly Alexander, manager, Purdue Parking Facilities, 765-494-9315,

United Way Casual Days

Staff (and faculty who wish to show their support, no matter how casually they dress every day) earn the “Casual Day for United Way” sticker by donating at least $5 each week to United Way, separately from – and, we hope, in addition to – their annual contribution. Each department’s United Way representative will handle the process of collecting these donations and issuing the sticker. The sticker can be worn with casual attire on all 10 casual days during the campaign.

The Casual Days for United Way will be the following:
  • September 10 (United Way Kick Off)
  • September 18, 25 (Fridays)
  • October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 (Fridays)
  • November 6, 13 (Fridays)

As always, our more than 3,000 Purdue United Way donors should use their personalized pledge cards to give their annual gift.  Pledge cards should be turned in with the return envelope provided and are, as always, completely confidential.


Calendar: 9/14


  • Sept 16: ENE Advance Follow-Up, 9:30-11:30am, WANG 3501
  • Sept 17: ENE Research Seminar, 3:30-4:20pm, ARMS 1109 
  • Sept 19: Family Day Open House, Purdue Mall (tent will be located on raised lawn near MSEE) 12:30-2:30pm
  • Sept 30: ENE Faculty Meeting, 9:30-10:30am, WANG 3501
  • Sept 30: Associate Professors meet with Head, 10:30-11:30, WANG 3501
  • Oct 4/5: Big Ten + Grad Expo
  • Oct 12/13: Fall Break
  • Oct 16: ENE Staff Meeting, 8:30-9:30am, WANG 3501
  • Oct 28: ENE Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:30am, WANG 3501
  • Oct 28/29: ENE Grad Program Open House
  • Nov 4: ENE Advance Follow-Up, 9:30-11:30, WANG 3501
  • Nov 7: Homecoming
  • Nov 12: ENE Interdisciplinary Engineering Colloquium, 3:30-5pm, ARMS Atrium
  • Nov 13: ENE Industrial Advisory Council, 8:00am-3pm, WANG 3501
  • Nov 18: Faculty-PhD Student Matching, 9:30-11:30, WANG 3501
  • Nov 26/27: Thanksgiving
  • Dec 2: ENE Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:30am, WANG 3501
  • Dec 20: Commencement
  • Dec 22: Grades Due

Spring 2016

  • Jan 4: Faculty return
  • Jan 11: Classes begin
  • Jan 15: Staff Meeting, 8:30-9:30 am, WANG 3501
  • Jan 18: Martin Luther King Day
  • Jan 20: Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:20 am, WANG 3501
  • Jan 27: Assistant Professors meet with Head, 9:30-10:30 am, WANG 3501
  • Feb 3, Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:20 am, WANG 3501
  • Feb 10: Associate Professors meet with Head, 9:30-10:30 am, WANG 3501
  • Feb 17: Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:20 am, WANG 3501
  • Feb 24: Faculty Meeting 9:30-11:20 am, WANG 3501
  • Feb 24: ENE Outstanding Alumni Awards
  • March 9: Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:20 am, WANG 3501
  • March 14/19: Spring Break
  • March 30: Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:20 am, WANG 3501
  • April 11/12: ENE Industrial Advisory Council
  • April 21: Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:20 am, WANG 3501
  • April 30: Classes end
  • May 4: Faculty Meeting, 9:30-11:20 am, WANG 3501
  • May 10: Grades Due
  • May 13/15: Commencement

Funding Opportunities: 9/14

Selected Funding Opportunities:

NSA Mathematical Sciences Program Grants for Research in Mathematics The NSA MSP supports self-directed, unclassified research in the areas of Algebra, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Probability, and Statistics. Awards will be made for the following types of grants: Young Investigators, Research Experiences for Undergraduates, and Conferences. Deadline: October 22

USAID BAA for Science, Technology, Innovation and Partnership (STIP) This BAA seeks opportunities to co-create, co-design, co-invest, and collaborate in the research, development, piloting, testing, and scaling of innovative, practical and cost-effective interventions to leverage the enormous potential of Science, Technology, Innovation and Partnership (STIP) to help solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Actual opportunities for funding and partnering to address development challenges will be issued as Addenda to the BAA. Deadlines vary by program.

Limited Submissions:

Preproposals and rankings to the EVPRP should be e-mailed to Purdue’s open limited submission competitions, limited submission policy, and templates for preproposals may be found at For any case in which the number of preproposals received is no more than the number of proposals allowed by the sponsor, the EVPRP will notify the PI(s) that an internal competition will be unnecessary.

Anticipated Funding Opportunities:

These solicitations are anticipated to be released soon based on the timing of previous solicitations for the program or notices of intent to publish. We are posting this information to help with proposal planning efforts but please keep in mind that the release dates and/or scope of a solicitation can change from year-to-year so be sure to read the solicitation carefully once it is released.


NSF FAQs for the Documenting Endangered Languages Program (DEL)

As always, we appreciate your sharing this information with your faculty. Please contact Sue Grimes (, Kristyn Jewell (, or Perry Kirkham ( with any questions.

To suggest content for future issues of ENE Memo, contact Teresa Morris or David Radcliffe by midday Friday for the following week's issue.