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ENE Memo: October 8, 2012

Calendar: 10/8

Fall 2012

  • Oct 12-14 - Homecoming Weekend (ENE Booth and i2i Learning Lab Tours)
  • Oct 19 - CoE Graduate Olympics
  • Oct 21-22 - INSPIRE Dinner and Board meeting
  • Oct 24-25 - PhD Open House
  • Nov 1 - 2nd Annual ENE Interdisciplinary Colloquium - "Where did I leave my chariot?"
  • Nov 2 - Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council (E2IAC) - Theme: Preparing for Strategic Growth

Spring 2013

  • Feb 20 - Engineering Education Outstanding Alumni Awards 
  • Feb 18-22 - National Engineers Week
  • April 8-9 - Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council (E2IAC) - Theme: ENE's Second Decade

Kudos: 10/8 Rick Zadoks, Chair of our Industry Advisory Council, on receiving a Loyalty Award from the Engineering Alumni Association Board of Directors. Congratulations, Rick! First-Year Engineering advisors Pouneh Eftekhari and Kristin Deckard, each of whom was married this past week!

News and Information: 10/8

CoE Graduate Olympics

The College of Engineering (CoE) Events Committee is hosting the CoE Graduate Olympics on Friday, October 19th at 5 PM.  Events consist of a series of 6 challenges, primarily mental, with a few minor physical ones. The events will be scattered across Purdue's campus.  Teams of 6 will start at one point and will be given clues to locate new events after completing each challenge. The top 3 teams will be able to select from 3 different prize sets!

Registration will close on the 15th to give the committee time to prepare for the event, so register soon!  Also, as representative to the committee for ENE, Corey Schrimpf will be running one of the events at the CoE Graduate Olympics and is looking for a few fellow volunteers.  The event is open for 3 hours to give teams time to advance through all the events. Volunteers could work in hour long blocks or throughout the entire event. Last, but not least, meals will be provided to volunteers as well as members of team who enter the Olympics. PLEASE consider forming a team or helping to volunteer!

You can get more info for the event and register a team (Team ENE?) at the facebook page:  If you have any additional questions please contact Corey Schimpf.


Safety Audits

The ENE Safety Committee will be performing safety audits of all ENE spaces (including offices/labs/etc) in the month of October for our yearly indemnification review that occurs in November for our school.

For office safety audits, you can prepare your space by reviewing the Self-Audit Checklist found on the ENE website at:

Two members from the ENE Safety Committee will be stopping by your office/lab in October to perform a thorough safety inspection of your area, as follows:

- offices 1215 thru ARMS 1236: Jeff Huddleston and Rick Womack
- offices 1300 thru 1335: Jim Whitford and Eric Holloway
- offices 1337 thru 1339:  Jeff Huddleston and Rick Womack
- offices 1343 thru 1355: Jim Whitford and Eric Holloway
- INSPIRE offices: Jeff Huddleston and Rick Womack
- ENE Business Office: Jim Whitford and Eric Holloway

- i2i lab and AFL: entire Safety Committee
- Potter Labs: Jim Whitford and Eric Holloway

You are more than welcome to be present during the safety audit of your office/labs. If you would prefer a scheduled time (or to be present during the audit), please let me know and we will schedule a specific time with you. Otherwise, we tend to do these inspections in bunches (several offices at one time). The office safety audits will begin by Wednesday, Oct 10th and continue thru October.

Please contact Eric Holloway if you have any questions or concerns.


This Week's Seminar

First-Year Effect of the Engineering Professional Development Program on Teachers

Speakers: Dr. So Yoon Yoon and Dr. Heidi Diefes-Dux

3:30-4:20pm, ARMS B071


Interdisciplinary Engineering Colloquium

Mark your calendars for the 2nd annual Interdisciplinary Engineering Colloquium, titled "Where Did I Leave My Chariot? The Curious History of Parking from Ancient Rome to Tomorrow's Megacities: A Sociotechnical Exploration of a Pervasive Cultural Artifact."

Nov 1, 3:30-4:30, Kurz Atrium, ARMS

Guest speakers: Mary Smith (BS IDE '74), Senior Vice President and Director of Parking Consulting, Walker Parking Consultants, and John Collier, Director of Campus Master Planning, Purdue University.

(Invitations to appear in your mailboxes shortly.)


Foundations of Excellence efforts to improve first-year experiences

Purdue has begun an initiative to improve the experience of first-year students, based on recommendations generated by 200 members of a campus-wide Foundations of Excellence task force. The FoE process, which began in August 2011, aims to help Purdue design an academic environment and student experience that will enhance first-year students' learning, competence, confidence and overall success. It also seeks to establish a more coordinated, less confusing set of resources to help students achieve an excellent start in all aspects of college life.

* Foundations of Excellence website

* Final report (PDF)

* Task force members (PDF)

* Philosophy statement

FoE implementation: Student success programs

Editor's note: This is the first in a five-part series focusing on how Foundations of Excellence recommendations will be implemented across campus.

Aligning student success programs, coordinating academic resources and streamlining orientation efforts for first-year students are all ways Purdue will promote student achievement through its Foundations of Excellence (FOE) initiative.

NOTE: As ENE is responsible for nearly 30% of all First-Year Students at Purdue, FoE is a major initiative that will have implications for us going forward.   


Work-Life Balance October Course Offerings

For more information and to register for offerings, go to and log in or call WorkLife Programs at 45461.

  • 1: Healthy Resolutions – Enjoy More Veggies (email-based program) – Healthy Resolutions is a 9-month, email-based program geared at helping you change your health habits, one month at a time. Most of us start with great intentions of eating better and exercising more. Unfortunately, these vague goals are quickly forgotten and we lose our way. Resolve to change your habits. Each month focuses on a healthy behavior. Make a commitment to better health, one habit at a time. The goal for October is to eat at least one more serving of vegetables per day than at present.
  • 1: Weight Watchers at Work (17-week program) – With the start of a new 17-week Weight Watchers program, WorkLife Programs is wiping the slate clean on the West Lafayette campus and introducing a new incentive.
  • 2: Weight Watchers at Work (17-week program) – With the start of a new 17-week Weight Watchers program, WorkLife Programs is wiping the slate clean on the West Lafayette campus and introducing a new incentive.
  • 3: Cooking with Herbs and Spices – Per serving size, herbs and spices contain some of the most potent antioxidants of any foods. Not only do they add protective nutrients at practically no calorie cost, but they also enrich our foods with an array of flavors and colors. To learn more about how to slip more herbs and spices into your cooking, check out this class, which will focus on easy meals to prepare for singles and families.
  • 4: Weight Watchers at Work (17-week program) – With the start of a new 17-week Weight Watchers program, WorkLife Programs is wiping the slate clean on the West Lafayette campus and introducing a new incentive.
  • 8: Diabetic Retinopathy: Protect Your Vision with Yearly Eye Exams – Healthy eyes mean a better life. Learn about what causes diabetic retinopathy, how it’s diagnosed, and the treatment options available.
  • 9: Living with Alzheimer’s: Middle and Late Stage Alzheimer’s Disease for Caregivers (5-session program) – Living with Alzheimer’s is designed to provide valuable information to both those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.
  • 9: Quit Smart (6-session program) – Quit Smart combines powerful treatments to help participants break free from tobacco. Participants attending this class will learn to ease off nicotine, use their mind to help, use a hypnosis CD, and decide whether to use medication to break the habit.
  • 10: Positive Discipline: Discuss Using Positive Ways to Discipline Children – Explore strategies for preventing children’s challenging behaviors, and discover how to use positive discipline to help children develop self-control.
  • 16: Managers/Supervisors EAP Training – Find out about the counseling and consultation services available to managers and their staff, as well as the work-life services and resources managers can access to assist employees to become their best.
  • 18: Subdue the Sugar Monster – Do you find yourself caught up in daily craving for sweets? And despite your best intentions, never able to say "no" to them? This class explores the impulses behind our desire for sweet foods, and how taking steps towards managing these desires can keep that pesky "Sugar Monster" at bay.
  • 23: When to Take the Car Keys – Caregivers: Are you concerned about mom or dad's driving? Or paying bills? Taking their meds? Shopping and meals? Perhaps moving in with you? This workshop offers sound, practical advice to all senior caregivers. Learn how to balance your responsibilities to your parents, your family, yourself and Purdue – and when to take the car keys!
  • 24: Cultural Awareness/Financial Management – Come take look at how money matters differ among various cultures.
  • 25: Nutrition and the Life Cycle – An individual’s need for specific nutrients changes over the life span and can vary according to gender, activity level and growth. On top of that, certain health conditions and chronic disease can also alter nutritional requirements. Come learn how energy and nutrient needs change over the course of a lifetime and how you can be proactive to reduce your health risks as you age.

October Wellness Screenings

Benefit-eligible faculty, staff, graduate staff, official retirees, and their spouses/same-sex domestic partners may receive one free screening per calendar year. (The exception is graduate staff spouses/same-sex domestic partners, who pay $20.)

The School of Nursing administers the campus screenings. Senior-level nursing students conduct the screenings under the direction of faculty. Screenings include a finger stick test for total cholesterol, HDL, and glucose, blood pressure, and height/weight. Fasting is not required for the finger stick test. Bring Purdue University identification (PUID) to appointment.

For more information, to see available appointment times, and to register, go to and log in or call WorkLife Programs at 45461.

  • 10: JNSN, Room B-5
  • 12: JNSN, Room B-5
  • 16: JNSN, Room B-5
  • 17: NLSN 3203
  • 19: JNSN, Room B-5
  • 22: JNSN, Room B-5
  • 23: BRNG 1284
  • 31: FREH 1-1/1-2

Special Highlight

  • Seasonal Flu Shots: You don’t have time for the flu. Seasonal flu shots are offered to benefits-eligible faculty and staff, graduate staff, official Purdue retirees, and their spouses/same-sex domestic partners. Purdue University covers the cost of the vaccine to keep employees healthy. Check out the attached flier for details on the three ways to get a flu shot.
  • Just Walk!: All are welcome to take part in “Just Walk!” on Sunday, October 14 at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds. This is a free community event for all ages. The group that forms the largest “team” of walkers will win the traveling golden sneaker trophy. Family activities and registration begin at 1 p.m. and the walk (2 mile or ½ mile) begins at 2 p.m. For additional information, please view the attached flier.
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