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ENE Memo: May 11, 2015

From the Head: 5/11


This week marks the next life transition for many of our students. Saturday is commencement for the graduates from our Multidisciplinary Engineering and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies degree programs.  Also graduating on Saturday will be a number of PhDs from our graduate program in Engineering Education. There will be a celebration event in Wang Hall for all these ENE graduates prior to the commencement ceremony.

For several thousand first-year engineering students this week marks their matriculation to their chosen engineering major. Some will be staying with us in the Multidisciplinary Engineering program, but the vast majority will be transitioning to one of the other discipline schools. This is a major milestone in their college experience.  

The success of all these students depends significantly upon the dedication of the ENE staff who advise them and those who support their learning experience in many ways; other staff provide indirect support by keeping the whole ENE operation running. Obviously, our dedicated faculty, instructors, teaching assistants and peer teachers play a key role in the academic growth and maturation of these students as they achieve these various milestones.

I wish all our students - FYE, MDE, IDES and PhD - the very best as they take the next significant step in their studies and/or in their career. On their behalf, I want to thank the whole ENE community who have helped each of these students to achieve their goal which we celebrate this week.


Calendar: 5/11


  • May 13-14: ENE Strategic Advance, Wang Hall, 9:30-4:30pm including McDowell Award for Advising at 10am
  • May 16: ENE Graduation Celebration, Wang Hall, 11am (Commencement, Elliot Hall, 2pm)
  • May 21: Spring Fling, CoRec, 11:30am-4pm


  • June 15-July 10:  STAR  (Student Transition, Advising and Registration), FYE Advising area 
  • June 15: ENGR 132, 8 week module begins, ARMS
  • June 15-18: ASEE Annual Conference, Seattle
  • June 17-18: PEER Workshop, Seattle
  • July 3: Independence Day (observed), university holiday
  • Aug 7: ENGR 132, 8 week module ends, ARMS
  • Aug 8: Commencement
  • Aug 15: ENE End-of-Summer Potluck, Happy Hollow Park, Shelter #1, 4-9pm


  • Aug 19: ENE Faculty Advance (incl. visit by Provost) , WANG 3501, 9:30am-3:30pm
  • Aug 24: Classes commence

News and Information: 5/11

ASEE Call for Nominations

The ASEE Nominating Committee, chaired by Most Immediate Past President Kenneth F. Galloway, requests member participation in nominating board officers for the 2016 ASEE elections. Officers to be nominated for society-wide positions are: President-Elect, Vice President Member Affairs, and Chairs of Professional Interest Councils I, IV and V. The deadline to submit nominations is June 1, 2015.

Kudos: 5/11 Joi Mondisa for successfully defending her thesis "In the Mentor’s Mind: Examining the Experiences of African-American STEM Mentors in Higher Education."  She will be heading off to University of Michigan as a PostDoc in the Industrial and Operations Engineering program - where she will focus on expanding her thesis work and finding ways to put it into practice. Brianna Dorie for successfully defending her thesis "Conversation Analysis of Engineering Parents’ Occupational Knowledge Attitudes and Beliefs." Krishna Madhavan on the recent publication of "Using visualization to derive insights from research funding portfolios” in IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications.

  • Molnar, A., McKenna, A.F., Liu, Q., Vorvoreanu, M., & Madhavan, K. “Using visualization to derive insights from research funding portfolios.” IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, 35(3), pp. 91 - 96, (2015). Candee Krautkramer on being selected to present a Big Picture Thinking project, conducted with Robin Adams, Hadi Ali and Corey Schimpf. The presentation is for an internal Kimberly Clarke research session on “key transformational research.” Matt Ohland on the recent publication of several articles:

  • Woehr, D.J., Loignon, A.C., Schmidt, P.B., Loughry, M.L., & Ohland, M.W. (in press, 2015). Justifying aggregation with consensus-based constructs: A review and examination of cutoff values for common aggregation indices. Organizational Research Methods, DOI: 10.1177/1094428115582090,
  • Orr, M.K., Ramirez, N.M., Lord, S.M., Layton, R.A., & Ohland, M.W. (in press, 2015). Student choice and persistence in aerospace engineering. Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, doi: 10.2514/1.I010343,
  • Ohland, M.W., Lord, S.M., & Layton, R.A. (in press, 2015). Student demographics and outcomes in civil engineering in the United States. J. Prof. Issues Eng. Educ. Pract.
  • Lord, S.M., Layton, R.A., & Ohland, M.W. (in press, 2015). Multi-institution study of student demographics and outcomes in electrical and computer engineering in the U.S.A. IEEE Transactions on Education.

Funding Opportunities: 5/11

Selected Funding Opportunities:

DOD-AFOSR Awards to Stimulate and Support Undergraduate Research Experiences (ASSURE) The ASSURE program aims to provide valuable research opportunities for undergraduates, either through ongoing research programs or through projects specially designed for this purpose. Research projects should allow high quality interaction of students with faculty and/or other research mentors and access to appropriate facilities and professional development opportunities. DoD executes the ASSURE program collaboratively with the National Science Foundation (NSF) through its Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites Program.  There is no separate application for the ASSURE program; ASSURE funding is awarded through the NSF REU Sites Program. Deadline: August 26

NASA Transformational Tools and Technologies (TTT) Project The TTT Project advances state-of-the-art computational and experimental tools and technologies that are vital to aviation applications in the six strategic thrusts. The TTT Project is organized into two sub-projects. The Revolutionary Tools and Methods Sub-project is responsible for the development of revolutionary comprehensive physics-based aeronautics analysis and design capability. The Critical Aeronautics Technologies Sub-project is responsible for the development of critical aeronautics technologies that can enable revolutionary improvement in aircraft system design. Notice of Intent due May 11; Proposal due June 15.

DOS Building Smart Cities through Educational Linkages  U.S. Mission Public Affairs Section invites proposals for a program to connect American academics and researchers with their counterparts in India to share best practices in “smart city” policy, design, and administration. The program is intended to demonstrate the capacity of educational and policy research institutions to serve as resources – whether as conceptual incubators or validators of policy efficacy - for governments planning, designing, or managing “smart cities.”  Deadline: May 1

DOE/Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation BIRD Energy  This program is the implementation of a cooperative agreement between the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and the Israel Ministry of National Infrastructure. To be considered, a project proposal should include: 1) R&D cooperation between two companies or cooperation between a company and a university/research institution (one from the U.S. and one from Israel); 2) innovation in areas such as Solar Power, Alternative Fuels, Advanced Vehicle Technologies, Smart Grid, Water-Energy Nexus, Wind Energy or any other Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency technology; and 3) significant commercial potential: the project outcome should lead to commercialization. Executive Summary due June 30; Proposal due August 13.

Kendal Charitable Funds Promising Innovations Family, friends, and unpaid caregivers of older adults experience many challenges, some of which are unique to their situations and some of which are more universal.  The foundation seeks proposals that identify and address these challenges in ways that support and nurture primary caregivers, educate their support systems, and enhance the quality of life of the individuals in their care. Letter of Intent due May 22; Invited proposal due August 10.

The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design Craft Research Fund The program supports innovative research on critical issues in craft theory and history, explores the inter-relationship among craft, art, design and contemporary culture, fosters new cross-disciplinary approaches to scholarship in the craft field, and advances investigation of neglected questions on craft history and criticism. The program funds Graduate Research, Project, Exhibition Research, and Travel Grants.  Deadline: October 9

Research Corporation for Science Advancement Cottrell Scholar Award The main goal of the program is to promote and support the university scholar model. University scholars are faculty members who have both excellent research programs and excellent approaches to student learning at the undergraduate level.  Eligible applicants are tenure-track faculty members whose primary appointment is in a department of astronomy, chemistry, or physics.  For 2015, eligibility is limited to faculty who started their first tenure-track position anytime in calendar year 2012. Pre-proposal form due May 15; Invited proposals due August 15.

Limited Submissions:

Preproposals and rankings to the EVPRP should be e-mailed to Purdue’s open limited submission competitions, limited submission policy, and templates for preproposals may be found at For any case in which the number of preproposals received is no more than the number of proposals allowed by the sponsor, the EVPRP will notify the PI(s) that an internal competition will be unnecessary.

Anticipated Funding Opportunities:

These solicitations are anticipated to be released soon based on the timing of previous solicitations for the program or notices of intent to publish. We are posting this information to help with proposal planning efforts but please keep in mind that the release dates and/or scope of a solicitation can change from year-to-year so be sure to read the solicitation carefully once it is released.

NIH Notice of Intent to Publish a FOA for NLM Administrative Supplements for Informationist Services in NIH-funded Research Projects The FOA is expected to be published in May with an expected application due date in July.

DOD Notice of Intent to Publish Announcement for Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Institute for Manufacturing Innovation (RFT-IMI) A solicitation is expected soon.  A Proposer’s Day has been announced for May 20 in Atlanta.


NIH ASSIST Now an Option for R01 and Individual Career Development Awards, and Research Project Cooperative Agreements (U01s)

NSF FAQs for the Smart and Connected Health (SCH) Program

As always, we appreciate your sharing this information with your faculty.  Please contact Sue Grimes (, Kristyn Jewell (, or Perry Kirkham ( with any questions.

To suggest content for future issues of ENE Memo, contact Mike Loizzo or David Radcliffe by midday Friday for the following week's issue.