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ENE Memo: March 26, 2012

From the Head: 3/26

Engaging with our “Critical Friends”

In four weeks' time, April 23 and 24, we will host the spring meeting of the Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council (E2IAC). The overarching theme of the meeting is the impact of operating in a global village on engineering education and engineering practice and, in particular, engineering careers. One presentation is on "International Students and Global Engineering," led by Pouneh Eftekhari and Brent Jesiek. The breakout discussions, where we are seeking ideas and advice from our board members, are (1) New models for hiring national and international students locally and globally, and (2) Strategies to help FYE students gain a broader, global perspective.

The members of our E2IAC are keenly interested in contributing to the success of all our programs—First-Year Engineering, Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary, and PhD. Many are very active in recruiting engineers from Purdue. Part of the meeting in April consists of interviews of several MDE students by the E2IAC members as part of the ABET accreditation process. Last year the chair of the E2IAC, Rick Zadoks, initiated and co-taught with Monica Cox a pioneering graduate course called "Harnessing Engineering Expertise in Industry." This is part of a broader exploration by the E2IAC and a number of faculty over the past year or so to identify strategies to expand research in ENE on learning in relation to engineering practice and industry. The nature of innovation and of engineering careers is changing rapidly, and this has significant implications for how critical knowledge is acquired, retained and deployed in the practice of engineering going forward. In the future, many of the graduates from our PhD program will work in industry or professional societies or NGOs or policy agencies and have a significant impact on the emerging careers of engineers in practice and the wider society.

On the afternoon of Monday, April 23, there will be a poster session on ENE research held in the Armstrong Atrium. The purpose of this session is to enable ENE graduate students to meet with the E2IAC and to talk about their research or indeed other projects they are working on. My hope is that we can make a particular feature of the project proposals developed by the PhD students in the course "Harnessing Engineering Expertise in Industry." That said, I would encourage all PhD students, no matter what stage of the graduate journey you are on, to be there and to actively participate. This is an excellent opportunity to “pitch your ideas” to an empathetic yet critical audience, the E2IAC members, and thereby expand them and refine them. Come with your “elevator speech,” and in particular be prepared to explain why your work or ideas are critical to the lifelong learning of engineers and what the impact of your work is likely to be. Please make the most of this once-a-year opportunity.

Our E2IAC is a key group of stakeholders and an invaluable resource in helping guide our school. They are strategic “critical friends” – folks who want us to be the best that we can be and are not afraid to ask penetrating questions that give us cause for deep reflection and continuous improvement.


News and Information: 3/26

Blackboard Learn workshops

Purdue is moving from the current Blackboard Vista to Blackboard Learn in AY 2012-13. There will be more information about this roll-out in the FYE courses later. In the meantime if you want to become familiar with some of the new features and functionality of Blackboard Learn, ITaP is offering a series of workshops in April.

Labview BootCamp

ENE and ME are jointly hosting a free, 4-day Labview course provided by National Instruments. This is the 'Core 1' and 'Core 2' classes as well as the 'Certified Labview Associate Developer (CLAD)' exam.

We are hosting this in the i2i Learning Lab in Armstrong, May 7th through May 10th (Senior Week - the week following finals and before graduation). We will be providing the computers and books for this class. This is a full day commitment (8:30AM-4:30PM) for each day. There is no cost for this class or the exam. National Instruments estimates the value at $8000 per student.

Commitment: You *MUST* complete the entire class if you sign up. You cannot 'skip a day' or do only part of the class.

Five  (5) spots have been reserved for ENE faculty; however, anyone can sign up for the other 115 slots available. If you are interested, please contact Eric Holloway, or you can sign up here to hold your spot:

Questions - please contact Eric Holloway (

"A Cognitive Model for Implementing Knowledge: Moving Research into Practice Through Professional Development"
Dr. Dale Baker, Arizona State University
3/29/12 • MEET & GREET @ 3pm • SEMINAR @ 3:30pm • CIVL 1252

Calendar: 3/26

Spring 2012

Independence and National Days around the World

Kudos: 3/26 Monica Cardella, featured in yesterday's Journal & Courier for her NSF CAREER Award. Alice Pawley, featured in Purdue Today's "Women's History Month" series here. Masaki Kakoi (graduate TA and Future Faculty Fellow in the First-Year Engineering Program) on receiving Purdue's Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award for the School of Engineering Education (sponsored by CETA, the Committee for the Education of Teaching Assistants). Jeeyeon Hahn (graduate TA), Hugo E. Pelaez (Honors graduate TA), and Amanda Knutson (Future Faculty Fellow) on each receivng Purdue's College of Engineering Magoon Excellence in Teaching Award. doctoral student Emily Zhu on being named the recipient of Purdue's Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship and Purdue's Bilsland Strategic Initiatives Fellowship for 2012-13. incoming doctoral students (Fall 2012) Michele Yatchmeneff and Nicole Fitter, who have each been awarded a Purdue Doctoral Fellowship, and Anastasia Rynearson, who has been awarded a Ross Fellowship.

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