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ENE Memo: June 4, 2012

From the Head: 6/4

The Year Ahead: A Flying Start at ASEE

One of my priorities for the year ahead is moving research in ENE to the next level. The largest conference that ENE faculty, post-docs and graduate students attend to present their research, and the one that provides ENE with the broadest visibility, is the Annual Conference and Exposition of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The 119th ASEE conference is to be held in San Antonio from June 10-13, where ENE-affiliated people will be presenting 65 research papers and numerous workshops. Several will be receiving awards or recognitions at the ASEE Annual Awards Banquet, including Matt Ohland and Russell Long (William Elgin Wickenden Award), Bill Oakes (Chester F. Carlson Award for Innovation in Engineering Education), and Matt Ohland (new ASEE Fellow). In other news, Senay Purzer has just been elected as a Director of the Educational Research Methods Division of ASEE, and Monica Cardella has been elected Secretary-Treasurer of ASEE's K-12 & Precollege Division. Congratulations all!

These recognitions of achievement continue a proud tradition. Members of our ENE community and our alumni have made sustained contributions and significant leadership contributions to the field of engineering education research and scholarship since our inception. Indeed, this tradition of scholarship, innovation and service to engineering education at large predates ENE; it stretches back nearly 60 years through the efforts of the pioneers in Freshman Engineering, Interdisciplinary Engineering, WIEP, MEP and EPICS.

The final report of the ASEE project with the working title “Creating a Culture for Scholarly and Systematic Innovation in Engineering Education” by our Dean Leah Jamieson and Dr. Jack Lohmann will be launched at the 2012 ASEE conference. The snappy, final title is "Innovation with Impact". This is the culmination of a process that goes back to the ASEE Year of Dialogue in 2006 focused on “ensuring U.S. engineering has the right people with the right talent for a global society” and has involved literally thousands of engineering educators over the past six years. It presents seven recommendations addressing the question of how can we build a stronger foundation for our engineering education enterprise. An organizing concept of this final report is the virtuous cycle of research and practice; educational practice raises significant questions that require research discoveries to solve, and the results of such research inform innovative practices. I have observed an unfortunate separation in the engineering community between innovative educators and educational researchers, as if the two were distinct entities, whereas in reality they are two parts of the same issue – how best to help young people discover engineering and then learn to engineer and continue to perform across a career in engineering. Hopefully, this report will help the community embrace what has been an apparent duality to a mutually dependent cycle.

Each year ENE hosts a display booth at the exhibition hall at the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, as do other departments and programs that focus on engineering education or related research and/or have graduate programs in engineering education. Until now the booths of each of these groups have been scattered around the exhibition hall. ENE took the leadership in arranging for all these players and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to be located together in the Engineering Education Research (EER) cluster at the exposition. This took twelve months to arrange, but now EER will have a coherent focus at the conference. Fittingly, we will be launching our just completed report on Research and Scholarship in ENE at the booth.

All this affords an excellent platform from which to get a flying start for a focus on research (ENE Strategic Goal 3) and on growing the EER community, nationally and internationally (ENE Strategic Goal 4) during 2012-13.


News and Information: 6/4

Monica Cox Heads Up Leadership Program

Monica Cox will be the inaugural director of the College of Engineering Leadership Minor. Monica brings her own strong leadership capabilities to the position, as well as her formal education in Leadership and Policy Studies and her research on the development of engineering students' leadership, change, and synthesis skills.

The Leadership Minor will be an elective program coupling leadership theory with practice, leading to a certificate that is recorded on a student's transcript. Guided by a faculty mentor, students will create a personal leadership development plan, take courses on leadership concepts, peer mentor younger students, and create a portfolio of their leadership experiences. The concept and early planning for the minor grew out of the CoE strategic plan roadmapping team led by Jean Paul Allain and Beth Holloway. The design of the minor was fleshed out by the strategic plan "first action" team led by Beth Holloway and Inez Hua. The Leadership Minor was endorsed by the CoE Undergraduate Chairs in January 2012. 

Congratulations, Monica!

Calendar: 6/4

Summer 2012

  • June 10-13 - ASEE Annual Conference and Exhibition
  • Sunday, June 10Alumni and Current PhD Students Gathering at ENE Booth in ASEE Exhibition – 6:30pm 
  • June 18 - July 12 - STAR (Student Transition Advising and Registration)
  • June/July - ENGR 132 Summer Section

Fall 2012

  • Aug 14 - ENE Research Advance (10am-3pm)
  • Aug 17 - New PhD student Orientation
  • Aug 20 - Classes Commence
  • Aug 23 - ENE Research Seminar, ARMS BO71, 3:30pm
  • Sept 28 - Inaugural ENE First Year Friday (A celebration of FYE)
  • Sept 28-29 - Alumni Weekend
  • Sept  29 - Family Day (ENE Booth)
  • Oct 12-14 - Homecoming Weekend (ENE Booth and i2i Learning Lab Tours)
  • Oct 24/25 - PhD Open House (TBC)
  • Nov 1 - 2nd Annual ENE Interdisciplinary Colloquium - "Where did I leave my chariot?"
  • Nov 2 - Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council (E2IAC) - Theme: Research

National or Independence Days around the World

  • June 2 – Italy - Foundation of the Republic
  • June 5 - UN - World Environment Day
  • June 6 – Sweden - National Day
  • June 10 – Portugal - Portugal Day

Kudos: 6/4 Monica Cox on her appointment as the inaugural director of the College of Engineering Leadership Minor (see "News and Information" for more). Senay Purzer on her election as a Director of the Educational Research and Methods Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. Monica Cardella on her election as Secretary-Treasurer of the K-12 & Precollege Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. Diana Bairaktarova and Demetra Evangelou on the publication of their chapter "Creativity and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in Early Childhood Education" in Contemporary Perspectives on Research in Creativity in Early Childhood Education (Information Age Publishing). Alice Pawley and Stephen Hoffmann on the birth of their son, Simon, on May 30.

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