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ENE Memo: July 30, 2012

From the Head: 7/30

The Year Ahead: ENE Research Advance

As we approach our tenth anniversary in April 2014, we should reflect on what has been achieved thus far and look to how we can build upon this to move our research profile and impact to the next level.

An ENE Research Advance for faculty and post-docs, to be held Aug 14, promises to be a very memorable event in this regard. The twin goals are (i) to identify and begin to prioritize strategic research opportunities that will expand our research profile in terms of both scale and scope through leveraging our diverse research capability and building strategic partnerships and (ii) to identify people, strategies and activities that will enable the ENE research enterprise to move to the next level in a reasonable timeframe while still remaining agile and able to grasp emergent opportunities.

The Advance will feature a very important keynote talk by Dean Jamieson, who will outline some exciting news about a significant strategic initiative in the College that will open up new opportunities for ENE and the other engineering schools. This keynote talk (12:30 - 1:30pm in ARMS B071) will be open to faculty, post-docs, and staff. Don’t miss it.

The Advance comes at a very opportune moment. Over the past two months, three significant national reports have been released that explore the transformation of engineering education, the state of discipline-based education research, and strategies for maintaining the preeminence of research universities to shape the future of the USA. The three national reports are:

These national reports coincide with the creation and release of the ENE Research Report that captures the breadth and depth of our diverse capabilities in engineering education research and scholarship.

This Research Advance is the continuation of earlier conversations going back to the research networking discussion held in November 2005 in the Wabash Room in the Sagamore Restaurant and even earlier discussions during the creation of our school. It is also the beginning of new conversations and actions over the coming year that will enable ENE to move forward to realize our full potential as a global leader in transforming engineering education based on research and scholarship.


News and Information: 7/30


The July 9 edition of the ENE Memo drew attention to Purdue's new Volunteer Policy. This policy is a response to the events at Penn State. Based on a briefing given to the College Leadership Team by HR on Thursday, it is clear that this policy will have far-reaching implications on many Purdue operations, much more than seemed to be the case when the policy was announced. It is therefore critical that we conduct a very thorough review of current practices and as necessary make changes to what we do if we are to comply with this policy. As things stand, this will be a very difficult and time-consuming task. However, HR seems open to refining the implementation in response to concerns we may have about the operational details. Please read the policy carefully and work out where it might apply to activities we currently undertake.    

Overview: Purdue University is committed to providing a safe environment for work, study and outreach and to upholding the reputation and integrity of the University. To that end, all Volunteers will be subject to background screening that will include, at minimum, a Sex and Violent Offender Registry Check. Any individual listed on a registry that is part of the University’s Sex and Violent Offender Registry Check or who has been convicted of an offense for which he or she must register as a sex or violent offender may not serve as a Volunteer. No department/unit may discriminate in selecting Volunteers based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, genetic information, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, or status as a veteran.

Under federal law, individuals holding F-2, J-2 and H-4 visa statuses are prohibited from volunteering in the same departments and on similar projects as paid University employees. Individuals holding B-1 or B-2 visas are prohibited from volunteering in any capacity at the University.

Please be aware that the definition of who is a "volunteer" is very broad indeed.

"An individual who performs services for and directly related to the business of the University or in support of activities of the University without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation. A Volunteer is not an employee for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act, nor is he or she eligible for benefits."

Basically, any person not employed by Purdue who does anything that relates to Purdue business is a volunteer. This includes all manner of student activities, guest lecturers, perhaps visitors who come on campus in relation to official school activities and even the members of the ENE Industrial Advisory Council. One example of the reach of this policy is the case of a person who works in an outside organization but acts as a judge on a student competition. Even if this person in their capacity as a judge never comes on campus but does all their interaction with Purdue online, they are a volunteer under the terms of the policy. 

Please read the policy carefully and develop a list of activities you currently do (or plan to do) that could fall under this policy.

Policy Details

We will be developing operational and record-keeping procedures so that ENE can be in compliance with this policy.


ASEE 2013 Annual Conference Submissions

The 2013 Annual Conference and Exposition being held in Atlanta, GA, will open on August 1, 2012!  Abstracts will be accepted through September 21, 2012.  The Call for Papers for the various divisions is available at

Sunday Workshop Applications may also be submitted between August 1 and October 26, 2012.

The 2013 Annual Conference Author's Kit contains extremely important information regarding the submission process as well as all relevant deadline dates and is also available at  In order to ensure that all papers are processed in a timely manner, all authors are responsible for meeting all deadlines and requirements, so please be sure to read the Author's Kit and refer to it whenever necessary.

Professional Interest Council Special Project Fund

Additionally, the Profession Interest Council (PIC's) has a Special Project Fund available for all ASEE Divisions and Constituent Committees during the 2012 - 2013 ASEE Annual Conference year.  For more information please visit

If you have any questions regarding submitting your abstract submission, your Monolith account other paper management process, please contact Nailah Metwally at (202) 649-3829 or  for assistance.


Calendar: 7/30

Fall 2012

  •     Aug 14 - ENE Research Advance (9:30am-3:30pm) - including Dean Jamieson presenting on major developments in the College (12:30-1:30pm; open to faculty, post-docs, staff).  
  •     Aug 15 - New PhD student Orientation
  •     Aug 20 - Classes Commence
  •     Aug 23 - ENE Research Seminar, ARMS BO71, 3:30pm
  •     Sept 28 - Inaugural ENE First Year Friday (A celebration of FYE)
  •     Sept 28-29 - Alumni Weekend
  •     Sept  29 - Family Day (ENE Booth)
  •     Oct 12-14 - Homecoming Weekend (ENE Booth and i2i Learning Lab Tours)
  •     Oct 24/25 - PhD Open House (TBC)
  •     Nov 1 - 2nd Annual ENE Interdisciplinary Colloquium - "Where did I leave my chariot?"
  •     Nov 2 - Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council (E2IAC) - Theme: Research

National or Independence Days around the World

  • July 30 – Vanuatu – Independence Day
  • Aug 1 – Benin – National Day
  • Aug 1 – Switzerland – Foundation of Swiss Federation
  • Aug 5 - Jamaica – National Day

Kudos: 7/30 Alice Pawley on being given a very prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, or PECASE. This award is based on the potential of her CAREER proposal, and she will be presented with the award at the White House by President Obama this Tuesday (July 31). More details on the significance of her award are contained in the press release. CONGRATULATIONS, Alice! Sean Brophy on being appointed an associate editor of JEE. Matt Ohland on being selected to receive the 2012 Distinguished Member Award of the IEEE Education Society and, with Susan Lord, the  2012 IEEE Transactions on Education Best Paper Award.

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