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ENE Memo: July 15, 2013

From the Head: 7/15

As STAR (Summer Transition, Advising & Registration) comes to a conclusion, we look forward to having another large cohort of students coming into first-year engineering. This includes an unprecedented number of 272 in FYE honors, about 60 more than we had planned for in the early spring. It seems almost certain that the strategic growth target for the total of all undergraduates in engineering will be reached or exceeded by the time the final numbers are known in the fall. All things considered, STAR ran very smoothly this year. On behalf of all the students and their families, a big thank you to all those who helped to plan and to pull off this major undertaking.

I also want to acknowledge the other important work going on over summer aimed at helping students to succeed, including the ENGR 132 class, preparations by the learning support team for the classes this coming semester, and preparations for the new cohort of graduate students and new faculty. Indeed much goes on over the summer to support student success which goes unheralded. It is nevertheless crucial work that deserves to be acknowledged. Likewise others are preparing for a major set of events in the coming year including the ABET site visit, the celebration of the 10 years of ENE, as well as staples of the annual calendar such as the research seminar.  

So summer is a vital time of year, as well as a time when hopefully all of us get an opportunity to take a break and recharge for the new academic year ahead.


Calendar: 7/15

Fall 2013

  • Aug 13: ENE Faculty Advance
  • Aug 14: BGR lunch
  • Aug 14-16: ENE PhD orientation
  • Aug 19: Classes Begin
  • Sept 28: Homecoming & Family Weekend Celebrating 60 Years of FYE at Purdue
  • Oct 20-22: ABET Site Visit
  • Oct 21-25: Green Week at Purdue (Think! No Impact)
  • Nov 8: Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council (E2IAC) 
  • Nov 9: ENE Friends at the Football
  • Nov 14: Interdisciplinary Engineering Colloquium Celebrating 50 Years of Interdisciplinary Scholarship in Education Education at Purdue

Spring 2014

  • Feb 20: ENE Outstanding Alumni Awards Celebrating 45 Years of  Interdisciplinary Engineering Education
  • April 9: ENE Turns 10: Celebrating a Decade of ENE / Open House and Research Exhibition

Summer 2014

  • June 14: ENE Alums & Friends Reception, Indianapolis Interdisciplinary Engineering Education
  • June 15-18: ASEE Conference, Indianapolis Engineering Education Futures

News and Information: 7/15

Congratulations to Elizabeth Gajdzik...

...on the birth of her son, Lucas. The INSPIRE team reports that mother and child are doing well.

Funding Opportunities: 7/15

Selected Funding Opportunities

DOD-Army The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation (DMDI) Institute  The goal of DMDI is to establish a national institute as a resource to focus on complex issues in manufacturing and develop solutions to offset the risk to the U.S. industrial base in adopting these new technologies, thus improving competitiveness. This Institute is envisioned to bring together large and small businesses, academia, and federal and state agencies to accelerate innovation by investing in industrially relevant manufacturing technologies. DOD anticipates making one award of up to $70 million over 5 years. Recipients must cost share at least $70 million in industry or other non-federal funding. Deadlines:  August 8 – Concept papers; October 11 – Full proposals (by invite).

NIH Implications of New Digital Media Use for Underage Drinking, Drinking-related Behaviors, and Prevention Research (R01)  This FOA solicits research grant applications that propose to investigate whether, and how, heavy involvement in new digital media usage, particularly social media and social networking sites, may influence adolescent alcohol use and drinking patterns, as well as drinking-related problems. Deadline: October 5.

NSF Partnerships for Innovation:  Accelerating Innovation Research – Technology Translation (PFI: AIR-TT)  The PFI: AIR-TT solicitation provides an opportunity for prior and/or current NSF-funded research investigators to complete the necessary research that could be any one of the following activities: proof-of-concept or prototype or scale-up of the prototype that addresses real-world constraints and has potential market-value. Please note that a proposal must have at least one and no more than four co-PIs, with one having explicit business experience (such as technology transfer, business school or a local/regional development office). Deadlines: October 7 – LOI; November 13 – Full proposal.

DoEd Educational Technology, Media, and Materials Program for Individuals with Disabilities:  Center on Technology and Disability The purpose of this program is to:  (1) improve results for children with disabilities by promoting the development, demonstration, and use of technology; (2) support educational media services activities designed to be of educational value in the classroom for children with disabilities; (3) provide support for captioning and video description that is appropriate for use in the classroom; and (4) provide accessible educational materials to children with disabilities in a timely manner. Deadline:  August 15.

American Education Research Association – Research Grants Program  The program seeks to stimulate research on U.S. education issues using data from the large-scale, national and international data sets supported by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), NSF, and other federal agencies, and to increase the number of education researchers using these data sets. Applications are encouraged from a variety of disciplines, such as but not limited to: education, sociology, economics, psychology, demography, statistics, and psychometrics. Deadlines: September 5 – Application; January 23 – Proposal.

Limited Submissions:

Letters of intent, preproposals, and rankings to the OVPR should be e-mailed to Purdue's open limited submission competitions, limited submission policy, and template for letters of intent may be found at For any case in which the number of internal letters of intent received is no more than the number of proposals allowed by the sponsor, the OVPR will notify the PI that an internal preproposal will be unnecessary.

Funding Resources:

The OVPR website includes a link entitled Funding Resources. This link includes sections containing Internal and External Funding Resources.  Additionally, there is a link for Search Tools and Alerts.    Those who would like assistance in setting up their Pivot E-mail funding alerts may want to take advantage of our tutorial, which may be found on the Search Tools and Alerts link.

The newest issues of Research Development and Grantwriting News are available at:

Another resource for corporate and foundation funding opportunities is the University Development Office.  UDO lists funding opportunities here.


NSF Dear Colleague Letter:  FY 2013 Career-Life Balance (CLB) Supplemental Funding Opportunities in support of Postdoctoral Investigators funded by NSF awards

As always, we appreciate your sharing this information with your faculty.  Please contact Sue Grimes (, Kristyn Jewell (, or Perry Kirkham ( 

To suggest content for future issues of ENE Memo, contact David Radcliffe or Lisa Tally by midday Friday for the following week's issue.