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ENE Memo: July 14, 2014

From the Head: 7/14

Looking to the future

It seems that everyone is into thinking about and planning for 2030; governments, agencies, professional groups, industry groups, HR firms, and even universities. Here are just a few examples 

As a wise person once observed (was it Mark Twain, Niels Bohr or Yogi Berra?), “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” Even so, from time to time it pays to step back from the here and now and take time look over the horizon and try to catch a glimpse of the future. 

Of the many 2030 reports out there, one that particularly speaks to me is that by the Hay Group, Leadership 2030.

The authors describe six megatrends that are shaping the world of work.

  1. Globalization 2.0
  2. Environmental crisis
  3. Individualism and value pluralism
  4. Digitization
  5. Demographic change
  6. Technological convergence

Based on these megatrends they look at the changing nature of leadership, specifically a shift from egocentric leadership (leader as hero) to altrocentric leadership (It is ironic that the alpha male dominates the video!).

One of the important concepts underpinning altrocentric leadership is that of "meaning making." Meaning making is not only something of profound importance in fostering engaging and creative workplaces, but is also central to active learning and knowledge construction. It is an essential element of the self-authored life. So this is something that should resonate in a place of higher learning like ours.

While we may not be able to predict what the world will be like in 2030, the importance of co-constructing meaning is likely to intensify. I believe it has special relevance as we shape ENE during this next phase in our evolution. Over coming weeks, as we approach the start of the 2014/5 academic year, I will share some thoughts on the future. 


Calendar: 7/14

Summer 2014

  • July 16: College of Engineering Graduate Picnic, Memorial Mall, 4-7pm
  • July 16-17: Office of Future Engineers' Engineering Refresh, HAMP 1144, 8:15am-3:30pm
  • August 8: ENGR 132 ends its 8-week summer session

Fall 2014

  • August 18: Faculty return
  • August 20: ENE Strategic Advance
  • August 25: Classes begin
  • August 28: American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Student Chapter Callout (ME 1015), 6pm
  • Sept. 6: Family Day (Purdue Mall near MSEE)
  • Sept. 27: Homecoming (Armstrong Atrium), 9-11am
  • Oct. 22-25: FIE Madrid
  • Oct. 29-30: ENE Graduate Program Open House, Armstrong Hall
  • Nov. 6-7: ENE Industrial Advisory Council
  • Nov. 13: ENE Interdisciplinary Colloquium
  • Nov. 26-28: Thanksgiving
  • Dec. 21: Commencement
  • Late Fall: ENE Research Facility Opens, Wang Hall

News and Information: 7/14

Interested in developing a short term study abroad program?

You develop the academic content, and The Office of Global Engineering Programs (GEP) will take of approval forms, budgets, travel plans, Visas, manage student applications, and deposits.  We will also promote your program and hold callouts.  Maymester and Summer programs are popular with students, as 219 engineering students participated in 2014.

  • Visit a partner university, laboratory, or explore a new research collaboration
  • Develop a joint course with an overseas colleague
  • Explore new countries, laboratories, and educational opportunities.  The possibilities are endless. 

SAIL Grants, typically $5K-$7K are available through International Programs, with $1000 matching funds available from GEP.   GEP will help you with your proposal to be submitted by mid-September, 2014.  Last year, all proposals from the College of Engineering were funded. 

Students can still take advantage of the Purdue Moves Scholarship for $1000, which makes these programs very affordable for students.   

Course descriptions, preliminary budget, and preliminary approval forms are due by November 1, 2014 for a Maymester or Summer Programs.  Jill Churchill in GEP (, 494-1069) will assist you with all necessary documentation.

Brent Jesiek has first-hand experience with undertaking a short term study abroad (including how to deal with a Tsunami).  Before you apply, please check with David Radcliffe in terms of any implications for ENE support.   

PAL 2.0 being phased out

ITaP is retiring the old PAL 2.0 wireless system on July 31 because it is slower, less secure and not as compatible with current-generation devices as the newer PAL 3.0, available at Purdue since 2012. Faculty, staff and students who still use PAL 2.0 should switch to PAL 3.0 before Aug. 1.

Kudos: 7/14 Lynn Zentner, Michael Zentner, Victoria Farnsworth, Michael McLennan, Krishna Madhavan and Gerhard Klimeck on the publication of Experiences and Challenges in Software Sustainability for a Large Scientific Community in Journal of Open Research Software. View it HERE. Allison Godwin on winning an ASEE Educational Research and Methods Division Apprentice Faculty Award. It is designed to encourage and honor promising new educators and/or researchers who have demonstrated commitment to innovation in teaching and/or have the potential for substantial contributions to engineering education. INSPIRE UPRISE senior Nathan Wilkins on qualifying to compete at the International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition in Beijing, August 7-13. You can help fund Nathan's trip through this crowd-funding campaign.

Funding Opportunities: 7/14

NIST: Community Resilience Center of Excellence Program

NIST has released a new funding opportunity for a Community Resilience Center of Excellence Program. Through this center, NIST researchers collaborate with interdisciplinary researchers from academia and industry on development of tools and standardized methods that will enhance the disaster resilience of communities and their built environment through innovations in measurement science and in new modeling, simulation, data, and informatics tools coupled with field studies of multiple hazard events. Funding is approximately $4M/year for up to five years, with a possible five year renewal.

Planned future thrust areas for the center include: a computational modeling environment for community resilience, data management tools for community resilience systems, and resilience data architecture validation studies. Potential applicants may want to participate in a related webinar (date TBD).

Applicants may proposal a single institution center or a consortium. Purdue can submit only one proposal as lead of a center.

Internal deadlines:

  • July 28 - Preproposal due to EVPRP (see attached)
  • August 4 - Reviewer rankings due to EVPRP

Agency deadline: September 12

Preproposals and rankings should be e-mailed to Purdue's limited submission policy and templates for preproposals may be found at

Selected Funding Opportunities:

NEH Enduring Questions The NEH Enduring Questions grant program supports faculty members in the preparation of a new course on a fundamental concern of human life as addressed by the humanities. This question-driven course would encourage undergraduates and teachers to join together in a deep and sustained program of reading in order to encounter influential ideas, works, and thinkers over the centuries. Deadline: September 11

NEH Digital Humanities Start-up Grants The Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants program awards relatively small grants to support the planning stages of innovative projects that promise to benefit the humanities. Proposals should be for the planning or initial stages of digital initiatives in any area of the humanities. Deadline: September 11

Humanities Without Walls RFP: The Global Midwest The Humanities Without Walls consortium invites applications for funding from cross-institutional teams of faculty and graduate students wishing to collaboratively pursue research topics related to “The Global Midwest.” Projects may focus directly on the Midwest or examine the ways locations far from the Midwest have shaped and continue to influence the region’s past, present, and future. Some projects may take the form of “applied humanities” research created through collaborations of artists, scholars in the humanities, and/or scientists (both social and natural); Others may follow more traditional forms of research. Deadline: October 30

Marion Milligan Mason Awards for Women in the Chemical Sciences The goal of the Marion Milligan Mason Award for Women in the Chemical Sciences is to kick-start the research career of promising future senior investigators in the chemical sciences. Applicants must have completed a Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology or other chemistry-related field; hold a full-time, tenure-track appointment at a U.S. Ph.D. granting institution; be American-born, naturalized citizens or permanent residents; and be conducting independent research in the U.S. Deadline: September 15.

Simons Foundation Collaborations in Mathematics and Physicals Sciences (MPS) A Simons Collaboration in MPS should address a mathematical or theoretical topic of fundamental scientific importance, where a significant new development creates a novel area for exploration or provides a new direction for progress in an established field. The questions addressed by the Simons Collaboration may be concrete or conceptual, but there should be little doubt that answering these would constitute a major scientific milestone. The project should have clearly defined initial activities and goals by which progress and its success can be measured. The project should involve outstanding researchers with a range of career stages. Excellence of the scientific leadership is one of the main criteria in the selection process. Deadlines: October 31 – LOI; March 31 – Proposal (by invite only).

Simons Foundation Simon Fellows Program The Fellows Programs provide funds to faculty for up to a semester long research leave from classroom teaching and administrative obligations. Such leaves can increase creativity and provide intellectual stimulation. The goal of the Simons Fellows Program is to make it easier to take such leaves, or to extend sabbatical leaves by an extra half year. Deadline: September 30

  • Mathematics
  • Theoretical Physics

Google Faculty Research Awards The intent of the Google Research Awards is to support cutting-edge research in Computer Science, Engineering, and related fields. Google Research Awards are one-year awards structured as unrestricted gifts to universities to support the work of world-class full-time faculty members pursuing research in areas of mutual interest. Deadline: October 15

Limited Submissions:

Letters of intent, preproposals, and rankings to the EVPRP should be e-mailed to Purdue's open limited submission competitions, limited submission policy, and template for letters of intent may be found at For any case in which the number of internal letters of intent received is no more than the number of proposals allowed by the sponsor, the EVPRP will notify the PI that an internal preproposal will be unnecessary.

Limited Submission: Feminist Review Trust The Feminist Review Trust supports projects that help transform the lives of women. The primary focus areas for 2014 international applications include: violence again women, disabled women and girls, and financial literacy and business skills. For this call, Purdue is limited to one application.

Funding Resources:

The EVPRP website includes a link entitled Funding Resources. This link includes sections containing Internal and External Funding Resources. Additionally, there is a link for Search Tools and Alerts. Those who would like assistance in setting up their Pivot E-mail funding alerts may want to take advantage of our tutorial, which may be found on the Search Tools and Alerts link.

The newest issues of Research Development and Grantwriting News are available at:

Another resource for corporate and foundation funding opportunities is the University Development Office.


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