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ENE Memo: January 23, 2012

From the Head: 1/23

Be Safe

Just a reminder that safety must come first in all we do. As noted in an earlier ENE Memo, every person should expect to be able to come to work and return home safely each day. We take occupational health and safety very seriously in ENE, and this is reflected in the safety page found under Quick Links on the school’s web site.

At this time of year, slips and falls on wet or icy surfaces are a real hazard as we move about campus. We should also be aware of the Adverse Weather Procedures in case we have a severe weather event.

Accidents happen in split second. Please take care.


News and Information: 1/23

This Week's ENE Seminar:

Thurs, Jan. 26: Dr. Robert J. Gustafson (Director, Engineering Education Innovation Center, Honda Professor for Engineering Education, Ohio State), "Can a Single Course on Teaching in Engineering Have Impact?"

Science and Engineering Indicators 2012

Some interesting reading ...on the state of U.S. and International science and engineering

Independence and National Days around the World

Calendar - 1/23

Spring 2012

Kudos - 1/23 Joyce Main on publication of a paper she co-authored entitled Diversifying the faculty across gender lines: Do trustees and administrators matter? published in Economics of Education Review 31(1), 9-18, 2012. Velvet Fitzgerald, who received an NSF GEECS fellowship and will be attending the GEECS Symposium and National Science Foundation Division of Engineering Education and Centers Grantees Conference in the Washington D.C. area in March. Jacqi McNeil and Lorie Groll together with Qu Jin and Junqiu Wang from Dr. Imbrie's research group, who received an Early Career Research Grant to work with faculty at Purdue and the University of Queensland in Australia.

... to Brent Jesiek as PI of a new NSF grant worth $235k entitled "Global Engineering Competency: Definitions, Development Paths, and Situational Assessment." 

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