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ENE Memo: February 23, 2015

From the Head: 2/23

ENE Outstanding Alumni and Student Awards

We are in the midst of the awards season. Following up on the Oscars, this Wednesday, February 25, we celebrate one of our outstanding alumni, Henry A. (Hank) Frissora, MD. He graduated from the Interdisciplinary Engineering program in 1979 having studied biomedical engineering. From there he attended medical school at Harvard. Dr. Frissora is now a very successful surgeon at Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts. In addition to his surgical work, he trains fellow surgeons, mentors high school and undergraduate students interested in medicine, and lectures around the country. Hank has gone back to his engineering roots as well, designing medical products and improving the way some procedures are performed.

Dr. Frissora is also known for his humanitarian work. One recent example is his work with the people of Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.  

While at Purdue Hank Frissora published a regular cartoon strip called “Red Bricks” in the Exponent. Dick Grace, then director of the IDE program remembers Hank being “fairly irreverent as a cartoonist, but always on target.

There is a luncheon from 12:00-1:30pm where you can meet him and hear his story.

In the evening, there is the awards dinner at which we will recognize Hank Frissora together with the following high achievers from Multidisciplinary Engineering and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies. This is a major event in the ENE calendar.

2015 IDE Award for Outstanding Junior Academic Achievement: Sonja Adams and Paul Hickner

2015 IDE Award for Outstanding Senior Academic Achievement: Frank Blubaugh and Rebecca Kartheiser

2015 Outstanding Senior Award for Service: Schuyler Putt

Continuing on the awards theme, Catherine BerdanierNicole Pitterson, and Nichole Ramirez have been awarded the 2015 ENE Graduate Student Service Award. These awards will be presented at the ENE Industrial Advisory Council meeting on April 14 together with the ENE Faculty Awards.

In addition, Ana Rynearson has been awarded the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship for 2015-16, which provides funding to allow Ana to focus full-time on her dissertation.

Please join me in congratulating these multiple generations of outstanding ENE achievers! 


Calendar: 2/23

Spring 2015

  • Feb. 23: Librarian Office Hours, Wang 3500, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • Feb. 24: INSPIRE Seminar, Wang 3501, 2-3pm
  • Feb. 25: Faculty Meeting, Wang 3501, 9:30-11:20am
  • Feb. 25: ENE Outstanding Alumni Awards Dinner, PMU, 6pm
  • Feb. 26: Research Seminar, ARMS B071, 3:30-4:20pm
  • March 4: Graduate Students meet Head, Wang Hall, 9:30-11:20am
  • March 5: Research Seminar, ARMS B071, 3:30-4:20pm 
  • March 11: Faculty Meeting, Wang 3501, 9:30-11:20am
  • March 12: Research Seminar, ARMS B071, 3:30-4:20pm
  • March 16: Librarian Office Hours, Wang 3500, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • March 16-20: Spring Break
  • March 23: Librarian Office Hours, Wang 3500, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • March 26: Research Seminar, ARMS B071, 3:30-4:20pm
  • March 27: Staff Meeting, ARMS 1028, 9:30-11:20am
  • March 30: Librarian Office Hours, Wang 3500, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • March 31: INSPIRE Seminar, Wang 3501, 2-3pm
  • April 1: Faculty Meeting, Wang 3501, 9:30-11:20am
  • April 2: Research Seminar, ARMS B071, 3:30-4:20pm
  • April 6: Librarian Office Hours, ARMS 1314, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • April 8-14: Research WeekCelebrating the ENE Research Facility in Wang Hall
  • April 9: Research Seminar, Wang Hall/TBD, 3:30-4:20pm
  • April 9: College of Engineering Advisory Council dinner, Wang Hall, TBD
  • April 13: Librarian Office Hours, Wang 3500, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • April 13/14:ENE Industrial Advisory Council meeting, Wang Hall, 8am-3:30pm
  • April 10: College of Engineering Faculty Awards of Excellence Dinner, TBD  
  • April 16: ENE GSA Town Hall, ARMS B071, 3:30-4:20pm
  • April 20: Librarian Office Hours, Wang 3500, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • April 22: Faculty Meeting, Wang 3501, 9:30-11:20am
  • April 23: Research Seminar, ARMS B071, 3:30-4:20pm
  • April 27: Librarian Office Hours, Wang 3500, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • April 28: INSPIRE Seminar, Wang 3501, 2-3pm
  • April 30: Research Seminar, ARMS B071, 3:30-4:20pm
  • May 1: ENE Best Teacher and McDowell Best Advisor Awards 2015, ARMS 1300, 11am  
  • May 1: Classes End
  • May 4: Librarian Office Hours, ARMS 1314, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • May 6: Faculty Meeting, Wang 3501, 9:30-11:20am
  • May 13-14: ENE Strategic Advance, Wang Hall, 9:30-11:20am
  • May 16: ENE Graduation Celebration, Wang Hall, 11am (Commencement, Elliot Hall, 2pm)

News and Information: 2/23

INSPIRE Research Seminars

INSPIRE invites you to our three upcoming research seminars. Each will be led by an INSPIRE faculty member who will spend 25 min speaking about a specific research project and 15 min discussing the theme of the seminar in the context of his/her research. The last 20 min will be open for others to ask questions or contribute to the discussion. The seminars will take place in WANG 3501, 2:00-3:00 pm the following days:

Feb. 24 - Senay Purzer: “Assessing design learning through computer-aided design”

March 31 - Morgan Hynes: “Students' interests to motivate engineering engagement: An interview and curriculum development study”

April 28 - Sean Brophy: "Manipulates as a catalyst for engineering thinking in young children"

ENE Research Seminar

This week's seminar features Shannon McMullen, assistant professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Art and Design and the Program in American Studies, and Fabian Winkler, associate professor of Art and Design. They co-direct the area of Electronic and Time-Based Art at Purdue University.

In their talk, McMullen and Winkler will discuss their artistic and interdisciplinary collaborative practices as faculty in the Electronic and Time-based art program. Through a presentation of three current projects – Soybots, the Algorithmic Gardener and 20/x – they will describe their approach to/strategies for generating images, interactions and conversations around emergent technologies and cultural imaginaries.

ENEGSA meeting

ENEGSA will be holding a Welcome to Wang event Tuesday, Feb. 24, from 12:00-1:00 pm. We will be meeting in the graduate student space on the 3rd floor of Wang. The purpose of this event will be to brainstorm strategies and discussion techniques to make this open space an environment that enables each of us to study, do our research, collaborate, etc.

  • 12 - 12:15 pm: Dr. Streveler will help us start this conversation by presenting some questions that we may want to discuss and sharing some of her techniques to make open space work environments more effective for her
  • 12:15 - 1 pm: Us, graduate students, will have open discussions, brainstorming, etc. to figure out how we can make this new environment ours - all of ours.

Kudos: 2/23 Dana Denick on successfully defending her dissertation, Difficulty as a Concept Inventory Design Consideration: An Exploratory Study of the Concept Assessment Tool for Statics (CATS). Ana Rynearson on being awarded the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship for 2015-16, which provides a tuition scholarship, a medical insurance supplement for the recipient, and a stipend of $18,500. Catherine Berdanier, Nicole Pitterson, and Nichole Ramirez on being awarded the ENE Graduate Student Service Award, which includes a stipend of $200. Jennifer DeBoer, whose article, Changing "Course": Reconceptualizing Educational Variables for Massive Open Online Courses, was one of the top ten most-read AERA Journal for 2014.

Funding Opportunities: 2/23

Selected Funding Opportunities:

NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Supplemental Funding  The NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) invites its grantees who do not already have REU supplemental funding to submit requests for such funding pursuant to the guidelines specified in the NSF REU solicitation. Grantees are encouraged to submit these requests before March 30.

NIST National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Pilots NIST is soliciting applications to pilot online identity solutions that embrace and advance the NSTIC vision of an Identity Ecosystem Framework. Specifically, the Federal government seeks to initiate and support pilots that address the needs of individuals, private sector organizations, and all levels of government in accordance with the NSTIC Guiding Principles that identity solutions will be (1) privacy-enhancing and voluntary, (2) secure and resilient, (3) interoperable, and (4) cost-effective and easy-to-use. Abbreviated applications due March 17; Invited full applications due May 21.

NIST Standards Services Curricula Development (SSCD) Program This program will support curriculum development for the undergraduate and/or graduate level. These cooperative agreements will support the integration of standards and standardization information and content into seminars, courses, and learning resources. The recipients will work with NIST to strengthen education and learning about standards and standardization.  Deadline: April 13

NEH Fellowships Fellowships support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both. Recipients usually produce articles, monographs, books, digital materials, archaeological site reports, translations, editions, or other scholarly resources in the humanities. Projects may be at any stage of development.  Deadline: April 30

NEH/JUSFC Fellowships for Advanced Social Science Research on Japan  Awards support research on modern Japanese society and political economy, Japan's international relations, and U.S.-Japan relations. Appropriate disciplines for the research include anthropology, economics, geography, history, international relations, linguistics, political science, psychology, public administration, and sociology. Deadline: April 30

Limited Submissions:

Preproposals and rankings to the EVPRP should be e-mailed to Purdue’s open limited submission competitions, limited submission policy, and templates for preproposals may be found at  For any case in which the number of preproposals received is no more than the number of proposals allowed by the sponsor, the EVPRP will notify the PI(s) that an internal competition will be unnecessary.

Limited Submission: DOE Cleantech University Prize (Cleantech UP)  The DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy seeks applicants to its Cleantech University Prize (Cleantech UP) program. DOE is funding three‐year awards in two topic areas. Topic 1 establishes the Cleantech UP Hub, a national center for student‐focused clean energy entrepreneurship training and education. The Cleantech UP Hub will also coordinate a national competition for student start‐ups and administer its prize. Topic 2 funds collegiate‐focused competitions across the United States. Collegiate competitions will include a cash prize, as well as opportunities for students to develop the business and commercialization skills to move clean energy technologies from discovery to market. Together, the Cleantech UP Hub and Cleantech UP Collegiate Competitions form an ecosystem that increases student entrepreneurs’ participation—both in quantity and quality—in clean energy, and closes the existing gap in early‐stage training.  For this opportunity, Purdue may submit one application to each topic.  Topic 1 requires 50% of total project costs in cost sharing.  Topic 2 requires 20% of total project costs in cost sharing.

  • Internal deadline: Contact by February 23.
  • Sponsor deadlines: Concept papers due March 4; Full applications due April 16.

Funding Resources:

The EVPRP website includes a link entitled Funding Resources. This link includes sections containing Internal and External Funding Resources.  Additionally, there is a link for Search Tools and Alerts.    Those who would like assistance in setting up their Pivot E-mail funding alerts may want to take advantage of our tutorial, which may be found on the Search Tools and Alerts link.

The newest issues of Research Development and Grantwriting News are available at:

Another resource for corporate and foundation funding opportunities is the University Development Office.


NIH Notice of Intent to Publish FOAs for Collaborative Innovation Award, Clinical and Translational Science Award Program Two companion FOAs for the Collaborative Innovation Awards are expected to be published in February 2015. These FOAs will utilize the X02 pre-application activity code, with pre-applications anticipated to be due in May 2015, and the U01 Research Project - Cooperative Agreement, with applications anticipated to be due in winter 2015.

Please contact Sue Grimes (, Kristyn Jewell (, or Perry Kirkham ( with any questions

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