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ENE Memo: December 3, 2012

Calendar: 12/3

Fall 2012

  • Dec 6: ENE Research Seminar: Dr. Monica Cox's Research Group Presentation
  • Dec 7: ENE 695- Harnessing Engineering Education student presentations - ARMS 1109 - 3:30-5:30 P.M - ALL welcome.

Spring 2013

  • Jan 7:   Classes commence
  • Jan 10: ENE Research Seminar commences (3:30-4:20)
  • Jan 16: Faculty Meeting (8:30-9:20)
  • Feb 13: Faculty Meeting (8:30-9:20)
  • Feb 18-22: National Engineers Week
  • Feb 20: Engineering Education Outstanding Alumni Awards
  • Mar 5:   Engineering Strategic Growth Open Forum - Professor Jim Duderstadt
  • Mar 6:   Faculty Meeting (8:30-9:20)
  • Mar 27: Faculty Meeting (8:30-9:20)
  • April 5:  Faculty Excellence Awards
  • April 8-9: Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council (E2IAC) - Theme: ENE's Second Decade
  • April 10: Engineering Strategic Growth Open Forum - Norm Augustine
  • April 24: Faculty Meeting (8:30-9:20)
  • May 8:   ENE Advance (9-4) - ENE's Second Decade

Kudos: 12/3 Eric Holloway, Jeff Huddleston, Jim Whitford and Rick Womack (ENE Safety Committee) on the re-indemnification of ENE by REM. Krishna Madhavan as co-PI on the five-year, $15M NSF-funded Network for Computational Nanotechnology Cyber Platform and also Heidi Diefes-Dux and Bill Oakes, who are senior personnel on the grant.

News and Information: 12/3

Invitation: Graduate Student Presentations

You are invited to final presentations for ENE 695- Harnessing Engineering Education, co-taught by Dr. Monica F. Cox and Dr. Rick Zadoks.

Friday, December 7, 2012 - ARMS 1109 - 3:30-5:30 P.M.


Hadi Ali (PI, Dr. Robin Adams)
“ ‘Big Picture’ Thinkers in Industry: Who Are They? How Do You Harness Their Expertise?”

Alee Lynch Gunderson (Dr. Neil Knobloch)
“Return on Investment from Human Capital Development”

Andrea Mazzurco (PI, Dr. Brent Jesiek)
"Global Engineering Expertise Library" (GEEL)

Nikitha Sambamurthy (PI, Dr. Monica Cox)
“eLearning for Technical Knowledge: The Development of a Guidebook for Best Practices”

Tasha Zephirin (PI, Dr. Monica Cox)
“Storytelling as a Knowledge Transfer Technique in Engineering Contexts”

EESD13 - Rethinking the Engineer -  September 22-25, 2013 - Cambridge UK

  • Social Justice in EESD: Challenges Opportunities and Best Practices
  • Water/Energy/Food  Nexus Education for EESD
  • Alternative pedagogies for ESD: Practice Based Learning (PBL), Learning Through Service (LTS), Engineering by Doing (EBD)
  • Education for Sustainable Development at Universities in South America

Abstracts are due 18th January 2013.

"Never mistake activity for achievement." --John Wooden

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