Support, Insight, Goals, & New Strategies (SIGNS) – Spring 2014

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What is the SIGNS Program?

The First-Year Engineering Program offers SIGNS (Support, Insight, Goals, & New Strategies), formerly known as Grade Recovery In Progress (GRIP), to all second semester First-Year Engineering students who have a first semester GPA less than 2.0 at the completion of the fall semester. SIGNS is a voluntary academic support program that aims to:

  • Help students work toward improving their academic performance
  • Introduce students to the support services available on campus
  • Assist students as they explore and confirm their choice of major
  • Support students through a one-credit, 8-week, seminar course
  • Mentor students through student interactions with upper class engineering students

Due to the limited number of peer mentors, enrollment in SIGNS will be limited to 25 students. Students with less than a 2.0 fall semester GPA will be emailed information over the winter break describing SIGNS and instructions on how to be eligible to participate.

SIGNS consists of the following components:

  1. ENGR195 Course: Enrollment in a course aimed to help students learn new skills to be more successful academically.
  2. Peer Mentors: SIGNS students will be paired with a College of Engineering Ambassador student. Our ambassadors are a select group of upper-class Engineering majors. The pairings will be determined by the needs of each SIGNS student and their engineering major of interest.

Follow the SIGNS to Academic Recovery here.

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