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Society of American Military Engineers: The Society of American Military Engineers (S.A.M.E.) brings together professional engineers and those in engineering related fields to improve and increase the engineering capabilities of the nation. In addition, S.A.M.E. fosters an environment to exchange and advance the knowledge of engineering technologies, applications, and practices.

The Kentuckiana Post S.A.M.E. recognizes that some of our most valuable engineering resources of the future are the students of today. Therefore, the Kentuckiana Post will award up to five $4,000 scholarships in 2013 to students who exemplify the qualities and accomplishments of a promising engineering career.

Students do not need to be military dependents, nor is military interest/participation required. High school seniors and college students meeting the criteria (listed within the application) are encouraged to apply.

Attached are scholarship eligibility requirements, instructions, and a 2013 Kentuckiana Post S.A.M.E. scholarship application. Applications can also be found at the Kentuckiana Post S.A.M.E. web site:

For more information, call (502) 261-9775 or e-mail

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