Guide to General Education Electives for Incoming First-Year Students

The First-Year Engineering Program Plan of Study includes one General Education Elective (three credit hours), commonly referred to as a “gen ed.” Gen Eds are designed to complement the technical and professional content of the engineering curriculum and enable the students to better appreciate the world in which they live and work. Students will need to complete an additional 18 hours (typically six courses) of Gen Eds to satisfy degree requirements of the professional engineering school.

The First-Year Engineering Program strongly encourages students to complete COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication) as their first-year general education elective. Although it can be taken once a student enters a professional school, COM 11400 is designed for first-year students. Furthermore, COM 11400 is a pre-requisite for the Mechanical Engineering seminar course typically taken during a student's first semester in the School of Mechanical Engineering; ME students who do not complete COM 11400 while in the First-Year Engineering Program will be forced to delay this seminar.

General Education Electives for First-Year Engineering Program Students

The following approved courses used to meet foundational learning outcomes in the areas of Human Cultures: Humanities; Oral Communications; and Human Cultures: Behavioral/Social Sciences may be taken to meet the First-Year Engineering general education elective. A list of possible courses used to satisfy the Human Cultures: Humanities; Oral Communications; and Human Cultures: Behavioral/Social Scienses can be seen at the following URL: An additional list of acceptable Gen Ed courses can be seen here.