Taking Courses at Another College or University

Many students take classes at colleges or universities not affiliated with Purdue, especially over the summer. 

Here is the process:

  1. Determine which Purdue University course you would take if you were staying here.
  2. Go on-line to the university you are interested in studying at and find the corresponding course.
    • Write down the course number, title and number of credit hours.
  3. Use the Purdue Transfer Credit Database and confirm that Purdue considers the course equivalent. The Purdue Transfer Credit Database can accessed from the Academic Tab of myPurdue by clicking on Transfer Credit to Purdue in the lower left hand side.  It can also be accessed from the Office of the Registrar's website at www.purdue.edu/registrar.
  4. Register for the course at the other school.
  5. If the course you are taking in the summer is a pre-requisite for a course you wish to take in the fall, contact the FYE Advising Office once you are midway through the summer course.
  6. Complete the course at the other school with a grade of C- or better.  The credit will transfer but not the grade.
  7. Have the other school send an official transcript to Purdue University Office of Admissions, 475 Stadium Mall Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-0544.
  8. Confirm that the course was posted to your transcript.
    • This may take six to eight weeks.
    • If the course was your final FYE Program course, contact an advisor in the FYE Advising Office so that you can be moved into your professional school.

What happens if I repeat a course at another college or university?

If an equivalent course is taken at a college or university not affiliated with Purdue and at least a C- is earned, only the credit will transfer.  Starting in Fall 2009, this credit will not replace the original Purdue grade.

Confused? Here's an example: You still need to take Calculus II to complete your First-Year Engineering Program requirements, and you want to take it near home.

  1. You know that at Purdue you would take MA 162, Analytic Geometry and Calculus II.
  2. You go on-line and look up schools near your parent’s house. You find two reasonable options: MATH 123, Analytic Geometry and Calculus II, at the local community college and MAT 155b, Calculus II, at a local university. Both are four credit hours. You are not sure which one will fit your schedule better.
  3. You will go on the Purdue Transfer Credit Database (a database of equivalent courses) and confirm that MATH 123 is equivalent to MA 166 but MAT 155b was evaluated as MA 1XXX (not equivalent to a Purdue course).
  4. You go back on-line and register at the local community college for MATH 123.
  5. Over the summer, you take MATH 123.
  6. You complete MATH 123 and earn a B.
  7. You contact the local community college and have them send an official transcript to the Office of Admissions at Purdue University.
  8. You confirm that it appears on your transcript on myPurdue. This may not occur for six to eight weeks.
  9. Once it is posted on myPurdue, you come into the FYE Advising Office. You tell an advisor that you have completed all the courses on the FYE Program Plan of Study. Your file is audited, and you are switched to your designated professional engineering school. Congratulations!