Adjusting Your Schedule for Next Semester Due to Low Grades

Students may change their schedules on myPurdue at any time during open enrollment. If you need or want to change your schedule for next semester on myPurdue, it is beneficial to make the change as soon as possible. You do not need permission from your advisor to make changes to your schedule, although if you have questions, you can contact an advisor.

 FYE requires grades of C- or better in:

  • Calculus I (and precalculus): MA 16100/16500 (and MA 15900)                                   
  • ENGR 131 and 132
  • ENGR 195, parts I and II
  • General chemistry I (ONLY if continuing on to CHM 11600/12400): CHM 11500/12300

For continuing and transfer students,

  • A grade of C- or better is required in ENGR 12600.
  • A grade of P is required in ENGR 100.

You must adjust your schedule on myPurdue if:

  • You earned a D+, D, D- or an F in MA 15900, MA 16100, MA 16500, ENGR 131, ENGR 132 and ENGR 19500 (parts I and II).  
  • You earned a D+, D, D- or an F in CHM 11500 or CHM 12300 and you plan on taking General Chemistry II (CHM 11600 or CHM 12400).
  • You earn an F in any FYE Program course. You will need to drop any courses that have the failed course as a pre-requisite and add either the course you failed or an equivalent course to your spring schedule. 
  • You are registered for more than 15 credit hours for the next semester, but are put on academic probation due to your current semester's grades. Students on probation are limited to 15 credit hours for the following semester.

You may decide to adjust your schedule on myPurdue if:

  • You earned less than a C- in a course and don’t understand the material well enough to be successful in subsequent courses.
  • You need to raise your grade point average (GPA) or Engineering Admissions Index (EAI).
  • You decide to take a different Science Selective, general education elective or other course.
  • You think your schedule is too heavy or too light.
  • You decide to take a different level of a class. For example, you initially decided to take MA 166 and you decide that you would prefer to take MA 162. Some classes are offered only in the fall (such as MA 165 and CHM 123) or only in the spring (such as MA 166 and CHM 124).
  • You find an opening in a course or section that you prefer to one you are currently enrolled in.
Common Course Changes Due to Low Grades
Course with D+, D, D- or F Grade
Course Dropped
Course Added to Schedule
CHM 115
CHM 116
CHM 115
ENGR 131
ENGR 132
ENGR 131
MA 159
MA 161/CHM 115
MA 159
MA 161/165
MA 162/166
MA 161
MA 162/166 MA 261 MA 162

Frequently-Asked Questions


What should I do about other courses that I received a D in?

It is often beneficial to repeat a course in which you earned a D (D+, D or D-), whether or not repeating it is required.  This is particularly true for courses which are pre-requisites for other courses.

What happens to my GPA/EAI when I repeat a course at Purdue?

If you repeat a class or an equivalent class at Purdue, the last grade earned is used in GPA and Engineering Admission Index calculations. However, your transcript will show all the courses and all the grades you have earned.

Do I need permission from my advisor to change my spring schedule?

No, you do not. You only need to contact your advisor if you have a question about changing your schedule.

How do I find my PIN number on myPurdue in order to change my schedule?

As long as you have already used your PIN number on myPurdue for the spring semester, you can access it on myPurdue. 
  • To find your PIN, go to the Academic tab on myPurdue. On the left-hand side of the page, there is a column of Quick Links. 
  • Under the sub-heading of Registration Tools is a link for your Registration PIN.

What is probation?

Academic probation is a warning from Purdue that your grades are low and you are in danger of being dropped by the university ( If you continue to do poorly academically while on probation, you will be dropped from the university at the end of the following semester. Students with less than 29 credit hours of posted credits who earn a semester GPA of less than 1.5 will be placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation are limited to 15 credit hours for the following semester.

What is being dropped?

If you are on probation and fail six or more credit hours or you have an overall GPA of less than 1.4 (for second semester students), you will be classified as academically ineligible and be dropped. Students who are dropped must apply for readmission after sitting out at least the next fall or spring semester. Readmission is not automatic and students must demonstrate that they are ready to return to Purdue (
Students in the First-Year Engineering Program who are interested in readmission after being dropped will be required to submit documentation of their time away from Purdue which shows evidence of overcoming the situation which led to them being dropped. Evidence will include work experience with a recommendation from a supervisor or employer; taking at least 12 credit hours of C or better grades from another accredited institution with a recommendation from an instructor; documented military experience with a recommendation from a superior; or documented medical, family, personal or other extending circumstances.