Prof. Robin Adams Receives Leadership Award at College's Faculty Awards Banquet

Prof. Robin Adams
Held March 30, the College of Engineering's Faculty Awards of Excellence banquet honored the ENE professor for her leadership in building and expanding the School of Engineering Education, the world's first such academic unit.

Prof. Adams was extremely influential in crafting ENE's doctoral program and personally had a significant impact on the development of the foundation courses. She contributed many of the original ideas that define the graduate courses as learning experiences, and moved from co-chair of the graduate committee to chair, working closely with the graduate students, individually and collectively, to understand their concerns, co-create viable solutions to problems, and draw out their contributions to making the program the best it can be. Prof. Adams also demonstrated her unique ability to lead through building the 60-person cross-disciplinary team for the Arthur C. Clarke proposal.

She is honored for achieving deep and lasting results, including the supportive climate she engenders by her inclusive leadership style.