ENE Research Featured in Journal of Engineering Education and Prism

ASEE *Prism* cover:
The American Society for Engineering Education's scholarly journal featured in its past two issues six articles contributed by ENE faculty, while ASEE Prism's September issue highlights colleagues Karl Smith and Ruth Streveler's "Rigorous Research in Engineering Education" initiative.



In JEE's April 2008 issue:

"The Time Is Now: Are We Ready for Our Role?" by Kamyar Haghighi (ENE), Karl A. Smith (ENE), Barbara M. Olds, Norman Fortenberry, and Sally Bond (ENE)



In JEE's July 2008 issue:

"Reframing Professional Development: A Systems Approach to Preparing Engineering Educators to Educate Tomorrow's Engineers" by Robin S. Adams (ENE) and Richard M. Felder

"Persistence, Engagement, and Migration in Engineering Programs" by Matthew Ohland (ENE), Sheri D. Sheppard, Gary Lichtenstein, Ozgur Eris, Debbie Chacra, and Richard A. Layton

"Learning Conceptual Knowledge in the Engineering Sciences: Overview and Future Research Directions" by Ruth A. Streveler (ENE), Thomas A. Litzinger, Ronald L. Miller, and Paul S. Steif

"Looking Beyond Content: Skill Development for Engineers" by Edward F. Redish and Karl A. Smith (ENE)

"Advancing Engineering Education in P-12 Classrooms" by Sean Brophy (ENE), Stacy Klein, Merredith Portsmore, and Chris Rogers



 In ASEE Prism's September 2008 issue:

"Getting to the Core: Engineering educators team up with social scientists to find what amtters most in teaching" by Mary Lord, featuring Karl Smith (ENE) and Ruth Streveler (ENE)