i2i Learning Lab Welcomes First-Year Students

Ideas to Innovation Learning Lab
In the Ideas to Innovation (i2i) Learning Laboratory, first-year engineering students become immersed in the engineering design cycle.

ENE's state-of-the-art laboratory complex includes the Design Studio, Innovation Studio, Prototyping Studio, Fabrication and Artisan Laboratories, Demonstration Studio, and Electronics Studio. It's a combination that puts design, innovation, and teamwork at the heart of the First-Year Engineering Program.

The fundamental premise of the i2i Learning Lab is that optimal learning for young engineers occurs when the learning environment centers on the students, provides collaboration with peers, and allows for hands-on experience with engineering tools and processes to explore authentic problems. The team-focused, collaborative spaces form a physical representation of the design cycle, serving as a constant reminder to students to ask questions and define the goals of success (design criteria), invent potential alternatives, anticipate and plan for a chosen option, build a prototype and test, reflect based on evaluative outcomes, and refine as needed.

Located in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, the i2i Learning Lab serves as a crucial vehicle for recruiting and retention, reaching 1,600+ engineering students each year through Purdue's First-Year Engineering Program.

Summer months will find the labs filled with P-12 administrators, counselors, and teachers taking part in the groundbreaking INSPIRE Summer Academies, as well as students participating in Purdue's Women in Engineering and Minority Engineering Program camps and in STEP, the Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects sponsored by Engineering's Honors Program. A learning environment that sparks inclusiveness, collaboration, ingenuity, and success among diverse teams of students will increase the diversity of graduating Purdue engineers and, in turn, of the global engineering workforce.

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