ENE's INSPIRE Team to Be Honored at College of Engineering Faculty Awards of Excellence

The April 16 event will recognize the faculty, staff, and students behind INSPIRE in one of eight awards presented. The research institute studies engineering thought and learning at the preschool-through-12th-grade level.

The team was nominated for the award by William C. Oakes and is led by Johannes Strobel (ENE). Additional members:

  • Monica E. Cardella/ENE
  • Senay Purzer/ENE
  • Sean Brophy/ENE
  • Heidi A. Diefes Dux/ENE
  • Jenny L.  Daugherty/Organizational Leadership & Supervision
  • Todd R. Kelley/Industrial Technology
  • Nathan Mentzer/Industrial Technology
  • Vincent G. Duffy/IE
  • Eric L. Mann/Educational Studies
  • Marsha J. Schluttenhofer/ENE
  • Daniel E. Somerville/COE
  • Elizabeth A. Gajdzik/ENE
  • Juyeon Kluin/ENE
  • Nicole R. Weber/ENE
  • Melissa A. Dyehouse/ENE
  • Tao (Tom) Hong/ENE