2005 ENE Awards of Excellence

ENE faculty and staff members receive 2005 Purdue Engineering Awards of Excellence.

Mentoring Award

Phillip C. Wankat
Clifton L. Lovell Distinguished Professor in Chemical Engineering and Director of Undergraduate Degree Programs, Department of Engineering Education

In his 35 years at Purdue, Professor Wankat has supervised 58 graduate students as well as mentoring junior faculty and staff in numerous departments, helping them recognize their great potential and accomplish their educational and career goals. He provides guidance while giving room for each individual to find his or her own path and consistently inspires a deep sense of loyalty and respect from students and colleagues. Through his graduate course on educational methods in engineering, numerous short courses, and books on teaching, he has become a national leader in engineering education.


For his outstanding legacy of mentoring graduate students and junior faculty and for his significant contributions to engineering education, the College of Engineering is proud to present Phillip C. Wankat the Mentoring Award.

Peer Comments:
"His mentorship set the standard for how I should mentor"
"Always readily available, be it as a teacher, research advisor, or mentor"
"Genuine care for students' learning and interests"

Team Award

Department of Engineering Education * First-Year Engineering Honors Program

Peter K. Imbrie
Assistant Professor and Honors Program Director


Katie M. Boyce
Honors Program Coordinator


John T. Gaunt
Associate Head and Honors Program Advisor


William C. Oakes
Associate Professor and Honors Program

The First-Year Engineering Honors Program is designed to provide highly motivated and academically talented students with a broader and more enriched educational experience during their first year. The program attracts around 200 new students each year and boasts a 93.6% retention rate for continuing students. Created in 1958, the First-Year Engineering Honors Program has undergone a recent transformation and expansion. The leadership team has implemented a peer mentoring program, a leadership board, and an honors residential learning community to help students gain experience working within a team environment and also provide peer support.

For outstanding leadership and teamwork in furthering the development of the First-Year Engineering Honors Program, the College of Engineering is proud to present Peter K. Imbrie, Katie M. Boyce, John T. Gaunt, and William C. Oakes the Team Award.

Peer Comments:
"Truly dedicated"
"Developed the First Year Honors Program into a vibrant program of the highest quality"
"Didn't forget names and were far from strangers"

Advising Award

James W. Barany
Professor of Industrial Engineering and Associate Head for Academic Affairs

Professor Barany began his teaching career at Purdue in 1958, just one year after the first class of students entered the newly established Department of Industrial Engineering. He has become a fixture in the lives of students, supporting their academic pursuit from the day they walk on campus to the day they graduate. He plays an integral role in helping students and families become acquainted with Purdue during the Day on Campus program. He is the main academic advisor in Industrial Engineering for incoming sophomores and serves as the faculty advisor to Purdue's chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. Respected and well-liked, Professor Barany is known for his clever humor, warmth, and enthusiasm.

For his outstanding contributions to shaping the academic careers of engineering students, the College of Engineering is proud to present James W. Barany the Advising Award.

Peer Comments:
"A legend"
"Sincere dedication and concern for students"
"An outstanding advisor"