2004 Awards of Excellence

2004 honorees
Two ENE faculty members and two ENE staff members are honored with 2004 Purdue Engineering Awards of Excellence.

The Faculty Awards

The faculty Awards of Excellence recognize, encourage, and promote outstanding contributions of faculty within the College of Engineering at Purdue University. The Advising Award recognizes excellence by faculty in advising and mentoring students. The Engagement/Service Award recognizes faculty excellence in engagement and/or service. The Mentoring Award recognizes excellence in mentoring graduate students, post-doctoral staff, or junior faculty. The Research Award recognizes excellence in faculty research. The Young Research Award recognizes excellence in faculty research with clear potential for future preeminence. The Team Award recognizes and encourages teamwork or multidisciplinary efforts by faculty and staff. Additionally, blending tradition with these awards, the prestigious and long-standing Dean A. A. Potter Award is presented to the most outstanding teacher in the College of Engineering. This award honors exemplary undergraduate teaching in all phases of the College of Engineering program on the West Lafayette campus.

Advising Award

Robert E. Montgomery
Associate Professor, Engineering Education

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MontgomeryIn the 15 years that Robert Montgomery, or "Doctor Bob," as he is known to his first-year students, directed the Freshman Engineering Honors Program, he served as the primary advisor for all honors freshman engineers, taught the first-year honors courses, created two special seminar courses, and developed the pre-college summer program now known as the Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects. Professor Montgomery's hard work has been recognized by his students, earning him the outstanding advisor award in Freshman Engineering four times and the best teacher award twice. As his responsibilities have shifted from the Honors Program to the mainline program and courses, he continues his high level of activity and tireless support of students, consistently seeing more students than his "official" advising hours allow.

For his outstanding leadership and his impact on students, the College of Engineering is proud to present Robert E. Montgomery the Advising Award.

Peer Comments:
"An outstanding student advocate"
"His whole heart is in his duties"
"His 'students first, no matter what' motto is inspiring"

Dean A. A. Potter Award

Deborah K. Follman
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education

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FollmanAs an assistant professor in the Department Engineering Education, with a courtesy appointment in Chemical Engineering, Deborah K. Follman has taught more than 700 freshmen and sophomores since joining Purdue in 2002and made a lasting impact in the process. Whether the subject is engineering careers, chemical engineering calculations, or engineering problem solving and computer tools, she stresses the real-world relevance of the coursework, maintains an interactive classroom, and motivates students with assignments that promote creativity, understanding, and teamwork. Students find her upbeat, involved, and accessiblean invaluable educator and counselor. Her research involving academic achievement by students and pedagogical techniques for teaching large lectures reflects her commitment to excellence as an engineering educator.

For her outstanding effectiveness as an educator and counselor of undergraduate students, the College of Engineering is proud to present Deborah K. Follman the Dean A. A. Potter Award.

Student Comments:
"A very effective teacher"
"Fantastic rapport with her students"
"Shows a genuine interest in and compassion for her students"

The Staff Awards

A series of annual awards of excellence was established in 2002 for administrative, professional, clerical, and service staff within the College of Engineering at Purdue University. The annual awards honor staff members within the College of Engineering who have excelled in leadership, in professional achievement, in customer service, or as new employees.The New Employee Award recognizes, encourages, and promotes the desire to contribute and to acquire new capabilities as a staff member of the College of Engineering specifically and the University in general. The Customer Service Award recognizes, encourages, and promotes outstanding customer service. The Professional Achievement Award (new this year) recognizes, encourages, and promotes exceptional performance and professionalism. The Leadership Award recognizes, encourages, and promotes leadership contributions.

Customer Service Award

Debra Felix
Secretary, Engineering Education

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FelixFor her outstanding service to students, parents, and colleagues, the College of Engineering is proud to present Debra Felix the Customer Service Award.

As secretary for the First-Year Engineering Honors Program, Debra Felix works knowledgeably, effectively, and graciously with current and prospective honors students, parents, and departmental staff while ably managing the logistics for the honors program's special activities. From developing an improved application for the summer Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects (STEP) program to fielding complex scholarship questions to extending exceptional hospitality to students, Debra epitomizes extraordinary service to the College of Engineering and to Purdue University.

"Her commitment to her job and to others shines in her actions."
"Genuinely cares for our students."
"A remarkable individual who gives all that she has, and then some."

Leadership Award

Andrea Turcatti
Director of Instructional Laboratories, Engineering Education

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TurcattiFor her outstanding innovation, leadership, and role modeling, the College of Engineering is proud to present Andrea Turcatti the Leadership Award.

As the first director of instructional laboratories in Engineering Education, Andrea Turcatti coordinates Engineering 106 ("Introduction to Computer Tools for Engineers"), a course serving more than 1,800 students annually through faculty and a teaching assistant team supporting 65 lab sections. She hires, orients, trains, supervises and monitors the TA team efficiently and capably, improving the learning experience for students taking this key freshmen course. Andrea has upgraded laboratory computer hardware, improved the student/lab ratio to 32 per lab, streamlined grading procedures, and created a comprehensive TA training program.

"Outstanding leader and resource."
"Always more than willing, and capable of taking on new challenges."
"She exemplifies the Purdue University staff member one might hold as an ideal."