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What are the CODO requirements for IDE?

CODO into IDE - Rules For Students Not in First-Year Engineering

The purpose of the Multidisciplinary Engineering (MDE) program (ABET accredited) and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies (IDES) program (not ABET accredited) is to allow students to follow concentrations that cannot be easily accomplished in the other Engineering programs. The following outlines the process and requirements in which a student can CODO into either program. 

General Process Requirements

  1. A submitted Plan of Study (POS) for the desired concentration must be endorsed by the Director or the MDE/IDES advisor: A student wishing to CODO must choose a specific POS (concentration) as part of the CODO process. The POS must be selected from either a standard, currently existing concentration, or a novel/individual plan of study. Each must be formally developed and finalized with the assistance/guidance of the IDES/MDE advisor. An individual plan of study must also be approved by the ENE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (ENEUGCC). 

    Any POS (either “standard” or “individual”) must be coherent and not be easily accomplished in another engineering program, as determined by the Director, MDE/IDES advisor, or ENE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (ENEUGCC). A POS that looks like a miniature or junior degree from one of the other programs will not be approved. An absolute maximum of 24 credits in one engineering discipline will be allowed in any POS. 

    Approval of the POS is separate from the actual CODO process, meaning a POS may or may not be accepted prior to meeting CODO requirements, and vice versa. Students may submit a POS for approval before meeting CODO requirements. 

  2. Students wishing to CODO must plan ahead: A CODO into MDE/IDES requires an on-site/face-to-face visit to develop a POS using the Program’s POS development tool, guided by the Programs curricular requirements and the MDE/IDES advisor. Students must submit a POS and have an approved POS on file no less than two full semesters prior to graduation. 

Academic CODO Requirements for students in Addition to an Approved POS 

  1. Must have completed all First Year Engineering Program (FYE) requirements with an Engineering Admissions Index of 2.0 or higher. Special consideration may be given to non-traditional students (i.e. Military service persons, Adult Learners with significant life-experience, etc.) to complete FYE requirements after the CODO process with Director approval.

  2. Must have a minimum of 15 Purdue credits that will count for graduation for the IDE/MDE program including a minimum of 6 credits of engineering courses (200 level and above). 

  3. Must be a student “in good standing” at Purdue West Lafayette CampusProbationary students will not be allowed to CODO. 

  4. Semester index must be 2.0 or higher

  5. The GPA of engineering courses (200 level and above) must be 2.0 or higher

  6. Students who are more than 30 credits from graduation must have an overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Students requiring 16 to 30 credits to graduate from the IDES/MDE program need an overall cumulative 2.35 GPA, and students requiring 15 or less credits to graduate from the IDES/MDE program need an overall cumulative 2.2 GPA. Students who have completed all the IDES or MDE degree requirements need an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 (same as applied to students in the program). Note: Pre-medical engineering and related concentrations (i.e. Pre-Professional Studies) must have a 3.2 GPA or higher requirement. 

  7. No CODO application paperwork received after the first 2 (two) weeks of the semester will be processed until the end the semester, with processing beginning immediately after grades have been posted for the semester previously in progressGPAs for CODO consideration will be calculated based on all grades earned up to that point in time (i.e. the last academic semester completed). 

  8. Students who were in MDE/IDES at one time and processed a CODO out to another program will, under normal circumstances not be allowed to CODO back into MDE/IDES

  9. Students re-entering Purdue who were in MDE/IDES will normally be re-entered to MDE/IDES. Students who were in MDE/IDES and were dropped will normally be readmitted to MDE/IDES following standard Purdue University readmission rules. 

  10. Students re-entering Purdue who were not in MDE/IDES will be required to follow/meet the CODO rules. Students who were not in MDE/IDES and were dropped will NOT be readmitted to MDE/IDES. However, if a student is readmitted to Purdue, they are eligible to apply to CODO once they satisfy CODO rules. Students who have been dropped, followed Purdue rules, and were readmitted to Purdue will apply and be considered the same as normal CODO applicants. 

Regarding grade calculations: 

  • Remedial courses and excess courses that will not count for graduation will NOT be included in calculation of GPA indices.
    Updated November 2015