Learning Communities

Program Description

The Learning Community program allows first-year engineering students to be a part of a small-sized learning community. In addition to attending 2-4 of the same course divisions, students will apply their classroom learning to out-of-class co-curricular activities, possibly including service learning experiences and related field trips.

The purpose of the Learning Communities (LC) is to increase student learning and success. Research results from LC programs across the nation reveal that students who take part in LCs earn higher grades, make friends faster, and ultimately stay in school and graduate at higher or faster rates than those students who do not participate in LCs.

A specific learning community for Engineering honors students is also available. For more information, please visit the Honors Program.

Program Benefits

  • Attend 2-4 classes with other Engineering students in the community
  • Participate in programs sponsored by the department
  • Get involved, meet people, and make friends
  • Learn about Purdue University's resources
  • Learn and have fun!


Placement in a Learning Community (LC) is determined by a competitive process based on a holistic review of your application. The LC placement criteria include elements such as prior academic achievement, the date on which the application was received by the Learning Communities program staff, the Purdue College, School, major and/or program to which the applicant is admitted, and space availability. You are encouraged to apply for Learning Communities as soon as you receive these application materials, as spaces are limited. To apply, or learn more please visit: http://www.purdue.edu/learningcommunities.

Program Staff

Each LC is co-coordinated by a faculty member and an Academic Advisor from Engineering Education.

Sample Events

  • Industrial Roundtable - organized by the Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC), this event brings over 250 companies to campus to discuss co-ops and full-time employment opportunities.
  • Service Learning projects at the Imagination Station, the Greater Lafayette childrens' museum.
  • Visit the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH.
  • Participate in a dissection of simple machines.
  • "Meet the Instructors" pizza party at Imagination Station.

Student Reactions

"I like being grouped together with the same people because it allows me to get to know them better. It's easy to get together to work on projects because most of our classes are at the same times. The Learning Community is a great program and I highly recommend it."

-Jonas Zalatoris

"The learning communities are amazing ways of finding groups to study with and friends that understand you. It is nice to know that even though you stayed up late doing a project, the person sitting next to you had the same night. You might meet fewer people, but you will make more friends."

-Cristina Daccarett

"The learning community is the best way to go. You get to know 24 new people, you can really get to know your lab partners, and there is always a more relaxed atmosphere in class because everyone is comfortable around each other."

-J.P. Sprague

"The learning community is the best thing that could happen to you as a college freshman. Not only do you get the opportunity to be close with fellow engineers, but also if you all work together, you can help each other learn. You may come in knowing no one, but through the LC, you meet people who are dealing with the same problems as you, and you can all help each other through it."

-Ryan Crotty

Contact Information

If you have any questions concerning Learning Communities, please contact Student Access, Transition and Success Programs at: (765) 496-3619 or email: learningcommunities@purdue.edu.

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