Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases

Examples of EEE Faculty Research on Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases Include:

“Assessing 21st Century Changes in Flood Risk Related to Climate Change along the Upper Mississippi River,” Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Commission on Energy Policy, K. Cherkauer.

“Carbon Footprint Reduction,” Biomet Inc., F. Zhao and J. W. Sutherland.

“Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaption in Corn-Based Cropping,” Iowa’s State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture, J. R. Frankenburger, E. Kladivko, L. Bowling, E. Kladivko, P. Owens, C. Hibberd.

“Climate-Induced Changes to Fisheries Habitat in Lake Michigan, An Integrated System Approach,” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, K. Cherkauer, T. Hook, J. Doucette, L. Ivan, L. Prokopy, C. Troy.

“Interactive Effects of Climate Change and Land Use on Indiana’s Glacial Lakes,” Purdue University Discovery Park, K. Chekauer, I. Chaubey, L. Prokopy, B, Pijanowski.