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Roshanak Nateghi

Assistant Professor of Environmental and Ecological Engineering and Industrial Engineering
(765) 494-7059


  • Ph.D., John Hopkins University, 2012
  • M.S.E., John Hopkins University, 2008
  • MEng, Mechanical Engineering, 2006

Research Summary

Dr. Nateghi uses an interdisciplinary approach to address the sustainability challenges of our critical infrastructure systems. Her main areas of focus include multi hazard risk assessment, disaster risk management, infrastructure safety, reliability and resilience analysis, climate change adaptation, energy-water-food nexus, energy systems resilience, interdependent infrastructure reliability and resilience.

Selected Publications

  • R. Nateghi, S.D. Guikema, G.Y. Wu, C.B. Bruss, 2015. Critical assessment of the foundations of power transmission and distribution reliability metrics and standards, Risk Anal. DOI: 10.1111/risa.12401
  • R. Nateghi, S.D. Guikema S.M. Quiring, 2014. Forecasting hurricane-induced power outage durations. Nat. Haz. 74:1795-1811.
  • R. Nateghi, S.D. Guikema, and S.M. Quiring, 2013. Power outage estimation for tropical cyclones: improved accuracy with simpler models, Risk Anal. 34 (6):1069-1078.

Awards and Honors

  • Purdue IE Outstanding Graduate Mentor, 2016