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Introducing Andrew Yacinthe, EEE Class of 2016, Chevron Intern

I have interned with Chevron for three summers as an HES (Health, Environment, and Safety) Intern. My work has scoped from being primarily safety related, to sifting through environmental regulations. There have been times that I questioned myself, being an environmental engineer working in the Oil and Gas Industry. Given the many negative environmental impacts that the Oil and Gas Industry has, it should go against everything that I stand for. But after listening to a panel of senior level environmental engineers in the company, one quote stuck with me: “You can do more for the environment within the industry than you can outside of it.” This is something I took to heart; it’s going to take environmentally conscious people working in industries that cause the most environmental damage in order to bring about reform.

​During my first summer, I worked in Evanston, WY, at a gas plant. I was primarily shadowing the Safety Specialist, interacting with contractors and observing onsite operations to ensure they aligned with Chevron’s safety policies. I also developed two training modules for operators who would be coming onsite; one for process safety management and the other for Title V Air Permitting.

During my second summer I worked in Covington, LA. I developed a guidance document for ozone-depleting substances to be used by all of Chevron’s off-shore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. This was my first exposure to environmental regulations; I had to read and understand Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.

During my third summer I worked in San Ramon, CA, at Chevron Headquarters as a part of their Environmental Management Company. This company within the corporation is responsible for most of Chevron’s site remediation projects. My projects involved creating a tool that would track external stakeholder engagement, and populating and updating an issue management tracking tool. These tools would help the company know which stakeholders are involved in each of its projects and help it prioritize all issues and projects.

​All in all, I enjoyed each internship with Chevron; I was always able to learn something new, and having that experience under my belt helped me better market myself. I feel much more prepared for the workforce having already been an intern.