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Featured Student - Kaley Alcock, EEE Class of 2016

During the spring and summer of 2015, I had the opportunity to work for the Environmental Programs Department within Facilities Operations Services at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.  The Walt Disney Company has developed and publically stated long term goals and mid-term targets in water, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions.  During the duration of my internship, I had the privilege to work on a variety of environmental projects related to water and electricity that work towards achieving these targets.

In support of the long term goal to conserve water resources, Disney hopes to maintain potable water consumption at 2013 levels at existing sites by 2018.  One of my main projects while working at Disney was a property wide water study to examine water usage through existing meters at parks, resorts, and support areas and identify consumption by function; including water features, restaurants, restrooms, industrial, backstage, etc.This will help inform conservation strategies moving forward.    This project was a challenging yet rewarding experience, and one of my favorite parts of the project was having the opportunity to meet and work with people in a variety of departments such as Industrial Engineering, the Mechanical Electrical Plumbing group, Facility Asset Management, and managers from Engineering Services at the various parks and resorts.

Outside of the water study, I was also able to get involved in various lighting retrofit projects throughout all the parks.  This included site visits to various attractions where existing lights were being replaced, or were in the process of being replaced.  I provided technical support along the way, such as performing any necessary calculations and creating bit sheets for contractors.