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EEE Grad Student

Introducing John Maiyo


What drew you to the EEE program at Purdue University?

Prior to graduate school, I was a practicing engineer, providing drinking water treatment solutions to rural communities in western Kenya.  My interest in EEE at Purdue was fueled by the discovery that EEE professors were actively researching solutions to key challenges that I, and many engineers, involved in rural drinking water systems experience.

How has the program benefitted you?

The graduate program at Purdue is very flexible in terms of students being able to take courses offered outside the EEE department. EEE is very interdisciplinary in nature has many professors specializing in a broad range of topics. Coursework and lab research during the Fall and Spring semesters at Purdue, and fieldwork in Kenya during the Summer helps me translate study and research from the lab to field application. I think this is a unique opportunity for students who like being involved in research and in field translation.

What’s your favorite part of EEE?

EEE has friendly staff and approachable and highly knowledgeable professors. They are helpful, patient and always happy to guide students into achieving their academic and research goals.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am currently heading a startup company - Maji Safi International, in Kenya. After graduation, I plan to go into Academia but continue my involvement in Maji Safi.