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Featured Student - Brooke Poppe, EEE Class of 2015

I was in third grade when I learned about the hole in the ozone layer. According to my parents, I was frantically trying to figure out why no one was alarmed about global climate change and the giant hole in the ozone layer. Growing up I was always aware of my surroundings and the environment I lived in. It was later in life that I decided to take this passion and translate it into a career. Knowing I wanted to focus on making an environmental impact, I decided that engineering would be the best way for me to do that. Because it is such a new and developing field, choosing environmental engineering narrowed my college options. Through my search I learned about the nationally ranked Purdue engineering program and their plans to develop the unique division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering.  After visiting and meeting with faculty and advisors I knew Purdue would be the best place for me and allow me to reach my goals of making a global environmental impact.