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Introducing Jake Hawes, EEE Class of 2016

For Purdue University senior Jake Hawes, career inspiration comes in the form of contrast.

The environmental and ecological engineering major had the opportunity to travel to two locations that couldn’t be more different; Stockholm, Sweden and Las Canas, Dominican Republic. In Stockholm, he noted highly advanced sustainability efforts, systems far ahead of what we have in the U.S. While in the Dominican Republic, a developing nation, it was urgent and fundamental needs commanding attention.

‚Äč"You can’t talk about environmental sustainability and leave out the social and economic repercussions of your actions,” Hawes said. “Centralized urban development isn’t the whole picture. I’d like to work in urban villages to see how new technologies can improve livelihoods, communities and health outcomes.”

In December, Hawes will return to Las Canas. He’s part of Purdue team committed to bringing safe drinking water to the area. The group is using sand filtration, low-pressure membrane filtration and chlorination to create a potentially life-saving water system at a Las Canas primary school. According to the World Health Organization, some 842,000 people die each year from preventable waterborne illnesses.  Read more about Jake.

Photo by: Charles Jischke

Writer/Media Contact: Lindsay Perrault,