Information for Current EEE Students

Academic Information:

For information about courses and programs, refer to the Academics page.   The menu on the right hand column will direct you to current information on required course material and documentation on EEE plans of study.

Make an Advising Appointment:

To make an advising appointment with Tammi Thayer, EEE Associate Director of Advising, go to the Purdue Appointment Scheduling System.  Login using your Purdue career account.  When scheduling any appointment, please make certain to note the reason for your visit in the calendar system.

Scholarship and Aid Opportunities at Purdue:

Current B.S. EEE students may contact Tammi Thayer to learn about any potential opportunities for financial assistance.

Current engineering students are encouraged to learn more about the scholarship cycle at Purdue, as well as broader scholarship and funding opportunities that exist within College of Engineering schools and programs, along with external opportunities offered by engineering professional organizations, and web-based search engines.  To learn more, visit the College of Engineering Scholarships & Financial Aid page.

Division of Financial Aid (DFA) - Visit the DFA website for basic information, such as how to apply for aid, types of aid and covering remaining costs.  View current scholarships and grants available to Purdue University students here.  Also, make  use of the Purdue Cash Course.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - Federal Student Aid plays a central and essential role in supporting postsecondary education by providing money for college to eligible students and families. Purdue's Division of Financial Aid offers details on the process. March 1 is the standard FAFSA priority filing date. File a FAFSA regardless of financial circumstances to create eligibility for low interest student loans.

National and International Scholarships Office (NISO) – NISO, which is a part of the Purdue University Honors College, is available to serve all Purdue students. They assist students who have excellent academic records in their scholarly development to apply for any of the 13 highly selective national and international awards that require a nomination by Purdue. To explore the major scholarships and fellowships NISO coordinates, visit the NISO website at, go to Duhme Hall Room 134 or call 496-3389 to schedule an appointment.


Outside Scholarship Opportunities:

Various professional organizations, companies and affiliations offer scholarships. A separate application is required for each scholarship. The process and deadline to apply varies by individual scholarship. Applications can be obtained via the sponsoring organization's website unless otherwise indicated.  For information about outside scholarship opportunities, please visit the Outside Scholarship Opportunities webpage.