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Featured EEE Student

Introducing Sydney Calhoun


What drew you to EEE?

I was drawn to EEE because I knew that this degree would offer me a lot of opportunities and the flexibility to discover a career path right for me.

What activities/organizations are you involved with?

I am the Community Service Officer for Purdue Swim Club, a member of the Society of Environmental and Ecological Engineers, a member of the College of Engineering Ambassador Program, and I hold a job with Purdue Recreation and Wellness as a Club Sports Program Assistant.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to get a job in manufacturing because I currently have more experience working in industry than anything else. While I’m not sure what company I want to work with yet, I am specifically looking for jobs on the west coast. I am also seeking out companies that offer rotational programs that will allow me to travel from branch to branch. I want to use this program as an opportunity to increase my understanding of the company and my position while getting the chance to live in multiple cities, states, and countries.