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Hua Profile
Inez Hua, Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering, was recently appointed as a member of the Safe and Sustainable Water Resources, a subcommittee of the U.S. EPA Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC), for a three year term.
Driven by her passion for humanity's right to clean water, air and food, Kim Reppa calls herself a "scientifically literate artist and humanitarian." And from founding and directing the Human and Environmental Rights Organization (HERO) to designing the curriculum for an environmental and ecological engineering course, she's already begun to make a lasting impact.
Professor Zhi “George” Zhou joined the Division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering and Lyles School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University in June 2014. Currently he is teaching water and wastewater treatment processes (EEE 495/CE 497) and environmental biotechnology (CE 597) at Purdue.
Prof. Ronald Turco, who has served as director of the Purdue Water Community since its inception in spring 2011, has been selected as the new director of the Purdue Global Sustainability Institute in Discovery Park.
Five Purdue University researchers received nearly $150,000 from the Trask Innovation Fund to further develop their technologies. The innovations originate from multiple disciplines and range from water purification to a drug-delivery technology.