September 18, 2023

EEE Research Seminar - September 19

The speaker for the EEE Research Seminar on Tuesday, September 19, is Dr. Andrew Flachs, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Purdue University.

Please see the attachment for more details.

Job Corner with Ms. Whelton

What a busy couple of weeks with IR! There are still more career fairs happening in the fall that you should attend. First is the CE Career Fair. 
Civil Engineering Career Fair (Oct 12th in person) will be held at the CoRec. The CE Career Fair already has their information sessions penciled in the night of October 11th in Hampton Hall. Information will be updated here for the fair. This fair will mainly feature consulting firms and there will be many EEE alums present.
The Ag Fair is also on October 3rd at the CoRec from 9:30am-3:30pm. See who is attending here.  
I know your time is limited, so I always recommend attending IR and the Civil Career Fair in the fall. Go to the Ag Fair if you have time or you have a specific interest in working for ag companies.  
The CCO has resources that can help you in the job search. They can review your resume, give a mock interview, and offer workshops to aid you in the process of looking for employment.  They also have information sessions listed that are scheduled through CCO. Check here for all CCO related events on campus:    
I see that DC Energy is having a virtual info session on 9/21 at 10am, Toyota Day is on 9/18, go to the Indiana Statehouse Internship reception on 9/25 at 5:30pm to learn more about internships within the Indiana political parties, and the Renewable Energy Systems Americas info session on 9/28 at 5:30pm. Keep checking the CCO calendar for these and other events as it is continually updated. 
Did you know you can even practice your interview skills at the CCO?  You can schedule a mock interview through them.  This is a great way to practice your sales pitch!  You can schedule a mock interview Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm here under “Undergraduates-Peer Mock Interview: You can also do an interview via Big Interview virtually here. 

2024 Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy Scholarship Program

The Indiana Lakes Management Society will offer up to two full scholarships to attend the 2024 Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy.  The academy helps build an individual’s capacity for successful watershed management. It is designed for anyone with watershed management responsibilities or interests.  Apply by October 13th, 2023.
Please see the attachment for more details.

Indiana Lakes Management Society Scholarship Program

The Indiana Lakes Management Society (ILMS) is pleased to announce that financial assistance is available through the ILMS Scholarship Donation and Silent Auction Fund to help meet the college tuition needs of two applicants for the 2023-2024 academic year.
Please see the attachment for more details.

Indiana Statehouse Internship Opportunities

You're invited to attend a reception to learn about Internships with the Indiana Statehouse for Spring 2024 on Monday, September 25th! Talk with internship coordinators and past interns about the kinds of opportunities presented by the Indiana Statehouse.

Learn more on the CCO Calendar, and please see the attachment for more details.

Lockheed Martin at Purdue

Lockheed Martin will be at Purdue from September 18 - September 19 and is going to be holding two special events! On the 18th, students can attend the Lockheed Martin Leadership Forum in Lawson 3102 A/B while on the 18th and 19th, students can try out an F-35 flight simulator in Lawson Commons!
Pre-register for the Leadership forum at:
Pre-register for the Flight Simulator at:

Graduate School Fall Blitz - Industry Career Symposium

The Graduate School’s annual Fall Blitz event will take place on Tuesday, October 10th (during fall break) from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. This year’s event will feature Dr. Jennifer Polk, founder of “From PhD to Life.“ Dr. Polk offers career coaching specifically geared toward the needs of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. This event is free and will be held virtually through the Zoom platform.
Those interested in attending must register at the following link:

Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF) Events

Please see this link for upcoming ISF events.

Purdue Calendars

Various drop/add calendar with deadlines, and future years of academic calendars can be found at

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EEE Student News Submission

Have you accomplished something noteworthy (award, scholarship/fellowship, publication, poster presentation, internship, full-time job) that you’d like to share with EEE? Please send Jess Mehr the basic info, high-quality photo, and a quote about your honor and she will likely (not guaranteed) promote it on social media or choose to write an article for the web site.
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