Reference Implementation Web Portal

last update:

We have developed a reference implementation for the compiler project of ECE468/ECE573. For the convenience of testing the expected output of the compiler project under different inputs, we have provided here a web portal to our reference implementation.

To test against the reference implementation through this portal:

  1. First select which stage of steps you would like to test the compiler in
  2. Paste input to the compiler to the input box below
  3. Click Run button, after a while, the output result by the compiler would be displaying in the output box below
  4. Clicking Clear button would clear out both the input and the output box

Note: If the reference compiler exits in error or crashes on some input, corresponding error message would be displayed in the output box. While your compiler does not need to be robust to handle all errors and avoid all such crashes, we DO expect your compiler to behave same or equivalently to the reference compiler when supplied by inputs that would not cause errors or crushes. Please take this portal as a chance to compare your compiler’s behaviors to the reference one.



Choose which stage of steps to run reference compiler in: