Step 0: Submission Test - Due Monday, August 29th

This step is to teach you how to submit the project using the turnin command on the ECN machines. We will give you 10 extra points to your step1 grade (not final grade) if you perform this step (correctly or incorrectly). Please, note that it's in your own interest to learn precisely how to submit the projects correctly since according to the course policy, failure in submitting the project before the deadline will result in severe penalties to your grade.

This is your opportunity to make sure that your Makefile and directory structure are set up correctly. Getting this wrong on future project steps will lead to significant deductions!

The Task: Create and submit a dummy project

  1. Log into your ECN account() and create a directory for 468 project (you may call it Compiler). If you are working in pairs, pick one account to be your "group account" for the semester.
  2. Make a step0code directory under your main directory that will contain all the project steps (Compiler or whatever name you chose for it in previous step)
  3. Copy the following files into the step0code directory: Makefile, helloworld.c
  4. Modify the "group" target of the Makefile to print out your group members' full names and ECN ids (if you are working alone, just print out your name and login)
  5. Submit the project under the name step0 following the instructions for the turnin command

♦: If you are working in a group, pick one of your accounts to submit from and for all your future submissions use the same account to submit your project.