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[Electrical and Computer Engineering]

ECE255: Introduction to Electronics Analysis and Design

Spring 2006


Prof. James S. Lehnert      
Office: MSEE 240
Hours: MWF 10:30 or by appointment
Phone: 765-494-2362
Fax: 765-494-3371
Email: lee255@ecn.purdue.edu

Teaching Assistants

Mac Inerowicz
Office: ECE002
Hours: M 11:40-2:10; 5:00-7:30
Email: inerowim@purdue.edu

Che-Wei Chang
Office: ECE002
Hours: Th 12:30-5:30
Email: chang22@purdue.edu

Course Description

This course is an introduction to electronic circuits. It applies concepts from EE-201 to circuits with active devices (transistors). The important concept of an equivalent circuit model is stressed, and students are introduced to silicon microelectronics. In addition to the analysis of electronic circuits, the course stresses design, solving open-ended problems, and the use of computer tools in the design process.

A tentative syllabus is available.


Gerold W. Neudeck and Alexander J. Neudeck, Fundamentals of Microelectronic Circuit Design and Analysis , John Wiley Inc., Pre-Publication Edition 3, 2006.

Additional Course Information

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