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Hey everyone! 

I hope you all had a lovely Monday. This email contains awesome opportunities being presented by other green clubs on campus courtesy of the Student Sustainability Council. I want to try to keep you guys plugged into all the amazing sustainability opportunities presented on this campus, but first, our very own events. 

    • February 26 - General Meeting 

        • We will be meeting in ME 2053 at 6 . I have more fun planned for this week's meeting, so I'll see you there! 
March 5 - Cha sing Ice 

        • Come see this beautifully done documentary about a man's goal to follow melting glaciers before they are gone. You can watch the trailer here . We will be in P HYS 112 at 6:30 . We're sharing this event with Purdue Energy Forum and the Student Sustainability Council. There will be lots of FREE PIZZA and friends from all across the green community. 
March 12 - Student Sustainability Council 

        • The Student Sustainability Council is a meeting of all the green clubs on campus to pool resources, share ideas, and accomplish bigger tasks than any of us could on our own. ESW is a member and all members are welcome to attend the meeting. It's a truly inspiring group of people. This next meeting we will have the opportunity to brainstorm with Purdue big wigs about what we would like to see done about sustainability at Purdue. More details about location will go out as it gets close but plan on 5:30 PM. 
April 11 -13 - ESW National Conference The National Conference is being held at Northwestern this year! We will be driving out Friday morning to participate. This is plenty of notice for professors, and it promises to be an amazing opportunity, so mark your calendars and make plans! Go here to register. We will be splitting the cost of a hotel room for the two nights. 

Other awesome events: 

    • March 28 - 30 

        • Green Building Council is hosting Lead LEED: The Next Generation . The conference held at Purdue will have speakers such as the writer of the most recent LEED standards and Mayor Dixon, the mayor of the greenest city in the world. Early bird registration ends February 28. The cost is $35 for students which includes a banquet meal. Click here to find more information and to register. 
Friday Night Lights! Every Friday you can volunteer to help turn out lights in buildings all over campus. It takes less than an hour and you get free Chipotle in the bargain. Sign up for a Friday here. 

See you soon! 

Olivia Steele 

Community Service and Events Coordinator 

Engineers for a Sustainable World 

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