[ESW] ESW: General Meeting, Ice Skating, and Trash Audit

Olivia Kay Steele osteele at purdue.edu
Mon Feb 3 21:43:19 EST 2014

Hey all! 

I'm really excited for this semester! If you missed the call outs, I've attached the powerpoint. We have some new projects this semester that you should check out! I will be sending out all project meeting times, so you can check out any you're interested in. Speaking of which, if you are a project leader, please email me your meeting time and places for the next few weeks! 

February 9 - Ice Skating 
This Sunday at 3 PM at Wabash Landing! Please let me know if you can come! Sign up here (I've made sure it works now!) or email me. We will meet at the corner of McArthur and Third St. in front of Hillenbrand to carpool over. The cost is $4 for admission and $3 for skate rental. Bring extra money to go out to dinner afterwards! It's going to be beautiful and it might even snow for us! 

February 12 - General Meeting 
It will be at 6 PM. We're trying something new at this meeting. It will bring you back to middle school science classes and be loads of fun. See you there! 

February 17 - Trash Audit 
The Sustainable Mindset project is kicking off the semester in a big way with a Trash Audit at Wiley Residence Hall. We need volunteers to come help us sort the trash into recycling, composting, and trash. In the evening, we will present to Wiley's Excalibur Club which weekly has over one hundred members in attendance. The information will also be used to inform our recycling campaign and kick off a composting campaign. Sign up here and sign up friends as well! 

April 10- 13 ESW National Conference 
The National Conference is being held at Northwestern this year. We will have people going on Thursday and also on Friday morning. It's an awesome opportunity to network with students across the country and get access to information about sustainability. Start planning this into your calendar and talk to Calvin (cholic at purdue.edu) about Early Bird Registration and with any other questions. 

Any Friday - Friday Night Lights 
Thanks to everyone who helped out this past Friday turning out lights across campus. We had a ton of fun and a ton of burritos. But it's not over! You're welcome to sign up for any Friday and take advantage of the free food sponsored by Chipotle. You can sign up here . 

This is a website of clean energy jobs. Check it out if that's something you're interested in! 

Have a good week! 

Olivia Steele 
Community Service and Events Coordinator 
Engineers for a Sustainable World 

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