[ESW] ESW General Meeting Recap

Degerhan Deger ddeger at purdue.edu
Mon Sep 23 23:03:00 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

Here's a brief summary of what we covered today at the meeting:

1. We started the meeting with watching a video about a sustainable carpet company, which increased sales and doubled profits while decreasing manufacturing footprint. If you would like to watch the video: http://www.ted.com/talks/ray_anderson_on_the_business_logic_of_sustainability.html

Tell us what are your thoughts. You can always talk to us after meetings or email us.

2. Project meetings for this week:
    - Biodiesel: Tuesday 6:45pm Beering 1260
    - AutoSwitch: Wednesday 6:30pm MSEE B 032
    - Sustainable Mindset: Wednesday 6:00pm ME 2063
    - Bikes: Email glassa at purdue.edu for more information

3. Upcoming social events:
    - Winteriazation: Teams of 8-10 are assigned homes in Lafayette that need help winterizing. We    rake, wash windows, trim shrubs, talk to residents, and anything else they need done before the cold sets in. A delicious breakfast and lunch will be served!
      When: November 16, 7:00am - 1:30pm
      Where: Breakfast and lunch served at St. Thomas Aquinas
      Cost: Free!! Food and supplies included!
      Sign up at http://www.purduewinterization.org/ and select Engineers for a Sustainable World as your group.

    - Impact Meal: Ford Dining Court is featuring seasonal and locally sourced food based on the    Common Reading Book No Impact Man. 
      When: September 24 (Tomorrow!!!) at 6 pm
      Where: Meet at the benches to the left of Ford 

Note: These events are not sponsored by ESW but you can always participate at them. Just make sure to say you are from ESW to be grouped with other ESW members.

4. Finally, today we collected dues for becoming a member. If you missed the payment, please pay your dues to project managers during your next meeting.

If you have any questions or comments email esw at purdue.edu

Be Sustainable,


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