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The following email contains information regarding a Civil course for fall 2022.


Amy Ledman
Graduate Program Specialist - Ecological Sciences and Engineering
The Graduate School - Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

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FALL 2022 COURSE CE 597: Disasters and Emergencies (open campuswide, undergraduate and graduate students)

This 3 credit course is focused on introducing and inspiring students about the engineering, science, and policy challenges associated with disasters and emergencies. Topics will span infrastructure, the environment, public safety, and public health. At the completion of this course, it is expected that students will be able to:
•     Identify key population needs following natural and man-made disasters;
•     Explain the roles and responsibilities of common organizations responding to incidents;
•     Recognize the wide-breadth of expertise involved in response and recovery;
•     Communicate technical concepts effectively with audiences with widely-varying backgrounds;
•     Recognize the different expertise involved in incident response and recovery.

The course meets Tuesday/Thursdays 130-230pm.

Course Content
This course is designed for students to learn the roles, responsibilities, and complexity of responding to disasters and emergencies from leaders in this space. Events to be covered include those caused by natural disasters and those that are man-made. A variety of federal, state government, nongovernmental organization (NGO), academic, and private corporations will share their experiences on this topic. The course objectives will be fulfilled in three capacities: Through (a) a combination of interactions with invited experts on the topics speaker interactions/information sharing, (b) independent learning activities with U.S. Disaster response training courses, (c) final report and presentation that represents the student’s breadth and depth knowledge. Some, not all, external guest presentations may be recorded and available on the Brightspace course site only. Speakers were specifically invited because of their firsthand experiences responding to, recovering from, and reporting on disasters and emergencies or helping others in these capacities.

For perspective, these are last Fall's 2021's course topics


  *   Pros and cons of community-expert collaborations during water crises
  *   Federal Disasters and Emergency Management
  *   Communications and Risk Communication in Response to Disasters
  *   Cyanotoxins, wildfires, and how science informed decisions and what to do when there isn’t enough science
  *   Lessons from the largest oil spills in US History, Exxon Valdez and BP spills
  *   Mitigating catastrophic risks through innovative financial instruments
  *   The National Fire Protection Association – The Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem
  *   Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – A program for reducing 62 radioactive isotopies to nondetect levels form a sea water background water
  *   Response to Naegleria fowleri in Drinking Water
  *   EOC and Overall Public Health Response Operations
  *   Send Lawyers, Guns and Money: What the law can and cannot do when disaster strikes your community
  *   ICS – Expanding and Contracting: Some Real Life Examples From a Contractor’s Perspective
  *   Wildfire Disasters: A Wicked Problem
  *   SNOVID and water infrastructure: When Texas freezes…during a pandemic
  *   American Red Cross: Prepare for Disaster
  *   Military Overseas Drinking Water Challenges
  *   Journalism and Disasters
  *   Building Resilience in the Water Sector: Examples of Bootstrapping Water Utility Response

Andrew J. Whelton, Ph.D.
Professor of Civil, Environmental, and Ecological Engineering
Lyles School of Civil Engineering, Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Director, Healthy Plumbing Consortium and Center for Plumbing Safety
550 Stadium Mall Drive, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN USA 47907
Mobile: 540-230-6069; E-mail: awhelton at<mailto:awhelton at>
Plumbing Safety at
CIPP Solutions at
Follow us on Twitter @TheWheltonGroup<>
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