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Windows: Turning Off Auto-Install of Required Software


For testing purposes, it may be necessary to turn off or disable the automatic installation of required packages during a deployment. This article describes how to disable required software for testing purposes. Systems being deployed for production purposes should NOT have any of this software disabled or missing.

Disabling Required Software

To disable a piece of required software during a deployment:

  1. Find the alias of the software package such as ECN.OFFICE, ECN.IE, etc.
  2. Using SiDD, create a new configuration file. It can be based on the existing configuration file for the machine.
  3. When you come to the Additional Options page, find the section called ECNOptions.
  4. For each piece of software you wish to disable, add a new option in the format Install_<ALIAS> where <ALIAS> is the package alias with the dot converted to an underscore such as Install_ECN_IE.
  5. Set the value for each option to No to disable installation of the software.
  6. Save your configuration file and create a SiDD floppy and proceed with a normal deployment.

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