Windows: Thursday Morning Patch Push


As part of an effort to keep ECN-supported computers in good working order, every Thursday morning, we remotely install Windows operating system software updates. We also send a command which instructs the computers to restart.


Every Thursday morning at 3:00 AM, we remotely install software updates on all ECN domain SMS/Config Manager clients, i.e. all ECN-supported PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Computers will be rebooted during this time -- including those whose software might already be fully up to date. Users who are logged onto the machine during the time of the patch push will receive a countdown window that says the system will be rebooted in 5 minutes.

We understand that some computers should not be rebooted on Thursday morning for various reasons. We do provide options to have your machine excluded from the patch push for the current week. 

You can add your machine to the exclusion list by going to the patch exclusion website  and filling out the form before 5:00 PM on Wednesday night. If you enter your machine after 5:00 PM, your machine will be excluded from the following week's patch push.

There is an additional install and update process that we run about 3 times per year. This process begins at 11:30 PM and also includes multiple reboots. Your machine will not receive the reboots if you have added it to the exclusion list.

A mailing list has been setup to notify users of the upcoming patch push. You can subscribe to the list by going to We send out mail every Wednesday morning to this mailing list notifying the subscribers of the upcoming patch push.  Also in this mail we give a link to the patch exclusion website.

If you have any questions, please direct them to

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