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ANSYS Licensing
ANSYS software licensing information
Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019 Viewed 2080 times
ANSYS-FLUENT Portal Access
How students and staff can get access to the ANSYS Customer Portal or Fluent User Services Center
Last Modified: Feb 21, 2018 Viewed 15 times Restricted to ECN
Abaqus Licensing
Using SIMULIA Abaqus software
Last Modified: Sep 19, 2019 Viewed 3632 times
Abaqus Licensing Setup
This document explains how to setup your environment for a research or class license.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2019 Viewed 2535 times
Adobe Dashboard
Instructions outlining how to access the Adobe Dashboard, once an account has been added by ITaP.
Last Modified: Jan 6, 2020 Viewed 1152 times
Adobe Licensing - 2019
Matrix for Adobe Licensing
Last Modified: Jan 16, 2020 Viewed 417 times Restricted to ECN
Alexa For Business
Process for adding someone to the Alexa For Business portal to connect Exchange calendar with their personal Alexas.
Last Modified: Oct 15, 2018 Viewed 6 times Restricted to ECN
Autodesk 2017 for Students
Instructions for downloading Autodesk 2017
Last Modified: Jul 25, 2017 Viewed 2091 times
Avantext install Win7
Avantext Win7 installation instructions
Last Modified: Dec 19, 2012 Viewed 0 times Restricted to ECN
Comsol Licensing
Using COMSOL Multiphysics software
Last Modified: Nov 20, 2019 Viewed 8930 times
Extensis Font Server Setup
Internal instructions on setting up extensis font server connections
Last Modified: Apr 25, 2018 Viewed 4 times Restricted to ECN
Globus Connect Personal for Linux
Installing Globus Connect Personal for Linux Using the Command Line
Last Modified: Jan 15, 2015 Viewed 611 times
NX default preferences
Describes the setup of a user environment for saving NX customer defaults and preferences.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019 Viewed 1790 times
Orbis & OSI vendor setups
Instructions for setting up vendor access for applications such as OSI and Orbis
Last Modified: Dec 4, 2018 Viewed 0 times Restricted to ECN
OriginPro Installation
Describes how to install Origin software on a self-supported machine.
Last Modified: Sep 27, 2018 Viewed 7165 times

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