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Access to Employee files
This document describes the circumstances under which a supervisor can request access to an employee's files.
Last Modified: Jun 6, 2011 Viewed 14 times Restricted to ECN
ECN Internal Mailing lists
Guidelines to using the ECN internal mailman lists
Last Modified: Jun 15, 2011 Viewed 6 times Restricted to ECN
ECN Reading List
Suggested book lists to read for your entertainment.
Last Modified: Jun 6, 2013 Viewed 5 times Restricted to ECN
ECN: Policy on Access and Usage
Last revision: 29 March 2006. Machine numbers updated December 2003. 1. Introduction The ...
Last Modified: Nov 14, 2007 Viewed 904 times
Mailman List Administration
How to add and remove ECN Mailman mailing lists.
Last Modified: Sep 4, 2013 Viewed 11 times Restricted to ECN
Password Protected Screensaver
Last Modified: Dec 7, 2007 Viewed 455 times
Password Protected Screensaver - Exemptions
PCs and Users exempted from protected screen-saver policy.
Last Modified: Apr 26, 2012 Viewed 7 times Restricted to ECN
Required Viewing
Watch this material to understand who you're working with.
Last Modified: Aug 29, 2014 Viewed 5082 times
Telnet Disabled for ECN
Telnet and Rlogin have been disabled     For security reasons, telnet has been disabled...
Last Modified: Nov 7, 2007 Viewed 381 times
Windows Remote Access Policy
ECN's recommendation on giving users remote desktop access to ECN SMS deployed systems
Last Modified: Nov 7, 2007 Viewed 5 times Restricted to ECN

Documents 1 - 10 of 10


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