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Creating MS Teams teams
Microsoft Teams
Last Modified: May 17, 2021 Viewed 163 times Restricted to ECN
Deploy NIST 800-171 (7012/ITAR) machine in BAD
This document lists the requirements and stages to a 7012/ITAR Deploy in BoilerAD. (weber endpoint)
Last Modified: Aug 16, 2021 Viewed 304 times Restricted to ECN
ECN Internal Mailing lists
Guidelines to using the ECN internal mailman lists
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2015 Viewed 0 times Restricted to ECN
ECN Pickup - Dropoff
How to reach us for pick up or drop off of equipment. A map with the location of our loading dock
Last Modified: Aug 5, 2020 Viewed 387 times
ECN User Services - FAQ's
A list of Frequently Asked Questions about ECN’s User Services group
Last Modified: Nov 10, 2020 Viewed 227 times
ECN: Policy on Access and Usage
Last revision: 29 March 2006. Machine numbers updated December 2003. 1. Introduction The ...
Last Modified: Sep 14, 2015 Viewed 473 times
Flag Words for User Services staff
flag words flagwords
Last Modified: Apr 2, 2021 Viewed 63 times Restricted to ECN
Mailman List Administration
How to add and remove ECN Mailman mailing lists.
Last Modified: Nov 1, 2017 Viewed 10 times Restricted to ECN
New User Services Student Setup
Last Modified: Sep 7, 2021 Viewed 16 times Restricted to ECN
PC Order Consultation Process
This document details how best to step through the ordering process with a user, with a particular focus on questions and comments to address in the earliest stages.
Last Modified: Feb 23, 2021 Viewed 3 times Restricted to ECN
Password Protected Screensaver
Last Modified: Dec 7, 2007 Viewed 299 times
Password Protected Screensaver - Exemptions
PCs and Users exempted from protected screen-saver policy.
Last Modified: Apr 26, 2012 Viewed 2 times Restricted to ECN
Preparing for an unexpected departure
Death departure medical emergencies
Last Modified: Jun 23, 2021 Viewed 174 times
Procedures for when One Leaves Engineering, Technology or EVPRP/DP
Leaving Engineering Discovery Park EVPRP Technology ECN Purdue University account expiration expire email closed closed closing leave purdue
Last Modified: Aug 4, 2021 Viewed 546 times
Recommended DNS Setting
Recommended DNS settings for connected devices
Last Modified: Apr 18, 2019 Viewed 830 times

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