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Using find to Remove Files
How to remove files from a directory tree using the find command and a wild card expression.
Last Modified: Dec 16, 2009 Viewed 229 times
Using the 'finger' command to find a username
Purdue Engineering Computer Network To find more information about someone if you know their real ...
Last Modified: Apr 21, 2015 Viewed 968 times
Vi: Using the numeric keypad
The numeric keypad doesn't work in &quot;vi&quot; when the term is set to &quot;vt100&quot; or &quo...
Last Modified: Nov 6, 2007 Viewed 532 times
WinXP VM setup using VirtualBox
How to setup a Virtual Box virtual machine where the guest OS is Windows XP.
Last Modified: May 16, 2012 Viewed 186 times

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