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Adding Kernel Modules to Linux
Procedures to add kernel modules to enable them to be updated automatically as new kernels are installed.
Last Modified: Jun 29, 2010 Viewed 2461 times
Adding Menus to the Linux Desktop
Instructions on adding menus to the ECN Linux desktop
Last Modified: Mar 24, 2010 Viewed 387 times
C7 to be packaged
initial list of packages that might need to be packaged
Last Modified: Nov 20, 2019 Viewed 2 times Restricted to ECN
CentOS7/Ubuntu packages
Review of the state of applies that we have in CentOS 6 and what their state is in CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04
Last Modified: Oct 23, 2019 Viewed 11 times Restricted to ECN
Command Line Printing: Printing Multiple Copies
To print multiple copies of a document, you use the -n option to lp and specify a number, which will...
Last Modified: Oct 8, 2007 Viewed 957 times
Command Line Printing: Printing Multiple Pages of Text on One Page
How can I print multiple pages on one page? Purdue Engineering Computer Network If you want to prin...
Last Modified: Oct 8, 2007 Viewed 711 times
Command Line Printing: Printing Text in Landscape Format
To print a wide text file, use the "enscript" command, like so: enscript -r -dprinter fil...
Last Modified: Oct 8, 2007 Viewed 661 times
ECN Unix Support Site
Welcome to UNIX Support. Engineering Computer Network splits software duties into two: the UNIX side...
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2015 Viewed 415 times
Hints for Creating and Installing UNIX Software
How to compile, install and maintain UNIX software packages.
Last Modified: Dec 8, 2017 Viewed 912 times
How do I use the manual pages?
Purdue Engineering Computer Network One way to find out information about particular programs or c...
Last Modified: Oct 31, 2007 Viewed 285 times
Mounting a Windows Share on a Linux Operating System
This knowledge base article covers how to mount a Windows share on a self-managed Linux operating system.
Last Modified: Feb 20, 2018 Viewed 738 times
Nvidia 390116 Supported Products on Linux
Supported Products for Nvidia's Linxu Driver, version 390.116
Last Modified: Apr 18, 2019 Viewed 7 times Restricted to ECN
Resetting a User's Profile
The resetprofile script allows you to reset a user's profile on a BoilerAD PC, the Windows profile servers ecnprofile01/02, OR on Linux servers
Last Modified: Jul 9, 2019 Viewed 113 times Restricted to ECN
Running Matlab on Servers
Last Modified: May 2, 2019 Viewed 446 times
This Old External Hard Drive
How you format an external hard drive affects how easy it is to access the data on it.
Last Modified: Feb 13, 2015 Viewed 367 times

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