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Apple Mail Message/Mailbox Movement Limit
In Mac OS X, Apple Mail limits the number of messages that can be moved at one time from mailbox to mailbox. Exceeding this limit may result in the appearance that the messages were not moved.
Last Modified: May 19, 2009 Viewed 346 times
Apple Order Consultation Process
This KB details the steps necessary to approaching an order request for an Apple product and placement of said order via the Ecommerce site.
Last Modified: Dec 6, 2016 Viewed 36 times Restricted to ECN
Displaying Multiple Keynote Presentations
This article is for users who wish to display separate Keynote presentations that will automatically loop. Essentially, once set up, the Keynotes will run themselves for a specified amount of time completely hands free.
Last Modified: Jan 28, 2014 Viewed 1627 times
ECN Mac software available for install
This document is intended to inform ECN users of software potentially available to users of Macintosh computers. The software listed is specifically software available for free, or purchased through departments or the university. Any software not listed is either not free or ECN has not evaluated.
Last Modified: Jun 6, 2017 Viewed 571 times
Exchange & Apple Mail - Public Folder Synching
Addresses a problem users have reported where Apple Mail gets email from publicly available Exchange folders.
Last Modified: Nov 3, 2009 Viewed 1131 times
Google Calendar / Chrome Scrolling Issue in OS X
This article will illustrate how to fix the scrolling issue in Google Calendar when using a Wacom pen or regular mouse with Google Chrome.
Last Modified: Jul 7, 2016 Viewed 167 times
How to Unlock an iPad for Re-Use
This guide walks you through the different ways of releasing a locked iPad, be it a passcode or system disable.
Last Modified: Aug 9, 2016 Viewed 858 times
ITaP Mac Webex installer never finishes
ITaP Mac Webex installer never finishes-solution!
Last Modified: May 11, 2015 Viewed 231 times
Issues When Connecting to PAL3.0 on Macs
If you are having trouble connecting to PAL3.0 on your Mac computer, the following steps might help.
Last Modified: Jan 19, 2017 Viewed 143 times
Mac Desktop Recommendations
Brief details about current hardware standards for desktop computers used to run Mac OS X.
Last Modified: Apr 24, 2017 Viewed 221 times Restricted to ECN
Mac Email Setup: Exchange Account on Microsoft Entourage
Instructions for setting up an Exchange account on the Mac with Microsoft Entourage 2008.
Last Modified: Nov 2, 2009 Viewed 733 times
Mac Email Setup: Microsoft Entourage - IMAP
How-to for setting up Purdue ECN email in Microsoft Entourage 2004 or 2008.
Last Modified: Jun 3, 2009 Viewed 234 times
Mac OS X changing Application keychained password entry
Mac OS X changing Application keychained password entry
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2009 Viewed 346 times
Mac OS X: Enabling SSL on E-Mail Clients
This Knowledge Base article will help you understand how to configure different e-mail clients for M...
Last Modified: Jan 28, 2014 Viewed 1004 times
Mac: Connecting/Mapping to an SMB/CIFS Server/Share with Mac OS X
In OS X it is easy to connect to SMB/CIFS server/shares. In OS X 10.3.x through 10.11.x, there is a built in feature for connecting to these shares using the connect to server function from the Finder's Go menu. An Apple system can access a Windows or UNIX/LINUX shared resource. Mapping drive. Mapping Share.
Last Modified: Oct 10, 2016 Viewed 9016 times

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